General Tso Tofu

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General Tso Tofu

Amazing General Tso’s Tofu is so easy to prepare, it is healthier and better than takeout! You will save money when you prepare it at home. Seasoned and baked tofu with a flavorful sauce has the ideal balance of sweet and savory!General Tso’s Tofu


General Tsao Veggie Chicken was one of my favorite dishes near me at the Vegetable Garden Restaurant in Rockville, Maryland. I fell in love with it ever since I ate it and wanted badly to make it at home. I don’t recall eating General’s Tso’s Chicken but the veggie version was amazing. Since eating gluten-free, I decided to make a version using tofu.

I wanted my vegan version to be healthy so I decided to bake the tofu cubes instead of deep-frying them, like my Tofu Steaks With Avocado ChimichurriBaked Tofu Nuggets, and  Teriyaki Tofu.

General Tso's Tofu Cubes

How To Make General Tso Tofu

To prepare General Tso Tofu, prepare the batter and sauce in two separate bowls. Drain tofu and squeeze excess water, cut tofu into cubes and coat with the batter. Transfer battered tofu cubes onto a prepared baking sheet and bake until crispy.

My secret for the best texture is to purchase super firm tofu which has little water and holds its shape well. It is best for cubing. My favorite tofu superfirm brand is Trader Joes high protein tofu.

While the tofu is baking, I prepare the garlic, ginger and green onions. I saute them in oil, add sauce mixture and cook stirring constantly until thick. Stir in baked tofu cubes to coat and serve with cooked rice and broccoli.

Best General Tso's Tofu

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(Per portion)
  • Energy: 218 kcal / 911 kJ
  • Fat: 13 g
  • Protein: 6 g
  • Carbs: 22 g

Cooking Time

  • Preparation: 25 min
  • Cooking: 35 min
  • Ready in: 1 h
For: 4 servings


For The Batter

For The Sauce

To Prepare Tofu


  1. Preheat oven 400 degrees F. Squeeze excess water from tofu by placing it between 2-3 paper towels and putting something heavy on top of tofu for about 20 minutes. In the meantime prepare the batter and sauce.
  2. For the batter: In a medium bowl, combine tahini paste, Bragg's liquid aminos, lemon juice, cornstarch, and water. Mix well to form a smooth paste.
  3. For the Sauce, mix together water, molasses, tapioca starch, lemon juice, maple syrup, and sesame oil.
  4. To Prepare Tofu, cut tofu into cubes and dip into batter to coat. Place battered cubes onto a well-greased baking sheet.
  5. Bake for 25-30 minutes or until crisp, turning halfway. Remove from oven and set aside.
  6. Heat oil in large skillet on medium-high heat. Add garlic, ginger and green onions. Cook stirring for 1 minute.
  7. Add sauce mixture and cook stirring until it thickens, about 2-3 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add baked tofu and stir to fully coat with the sauce. Delicious served with steamed broccoli and rice.


General Tso's Tofu

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Michelle Blackwood, RN

Hi, I’m Michelle, I’m the voice, content creator and photographer behind Healthier Steps. I share vegan and gluten-free recipes because of past health issues. My goal is to help you make healthier choices and show you how healthy eating is easy and delicious.

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  1. Anelyse Weiler
    June 19, 2020

    After my partner made this earlier in the week, it was so delicious that we had to make it again tonight. Just fabulous. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  2. Eti
    June 15, 2020

    I just love your recipes! Everything I tried so far turned out great, including this one! Thank you so much :-)

  3. Tanya
    January 16, 2020

    I made this along with the fried rice recipe and it was DELICIOUS! Thanks for such great recipes.

  4. Jimbeaux
    November 5, 2019

    I’ve made this recipe just once so far, but I think I’ll be making it again soon! I slightly overbaked mine, leaving a somewhat crisp coating. Either I was very hungry or my sauce was excellent because the dish came together brilliantly. At first, I attempted to place my tofu cubes one-by-one on my bakesheet. This grew tiring quickly, and I ended up spreading clumps of coated cubes onto the sheet, which worked fine. I forgot my vegetables for this dish, and was missing some steamed broccoli or green beans. Thanks for this great recipe, I will be back for more!

    • Jimbeaux
      November 5, 2019

      Updating with rating!

    • Michelle Blackwood
      November 5, 2019

      Jimbeaux, I’m so happy you enjoyed it. Thank you for your feedback and rating, I really appreciate it.

  5. Allison
    July 26, 2018

    I make this recipe all the time and my family loves it.

    • Michelle Blackwood
      July 26, 2018

      Thank you Allison for your feedback, I’m happy you and your family love it.

  6. Debor 'Yah
    June 5, 2018

    Hi Michelle,
    Your recipes have been a BIG inspiration to me and my family for delicious vegan meals. Some how I found your website with all the delicious recipes and I have been hanging with it every since. This recipe is the latest, however some where I went wrong. My tofu came out over baked and my record for delicious dishes dropped and hurt my heart.

    My fault…I guess I got a little over confident. But keep on serving up the recipes, you are doing a fabulous job. The only website that I have ever made that many dishes from.
    Are you familiar with the term “SDA”

    P.S. If you know what I could have done to fix the tofu please share. I had to throw it out.

    • Michelle Blackwood
      June 5, 2018

      Oh no Debor ‘Yah, Thank you very much for your compliments, I am an SDA, so nice to meet you. I’m very sorry it didn’t turn out right for you. I recently made it and it has been a popular recipe of mine for many years, the only thing is to bake it for only 20 minutes next time, there is a possibility that the temperature on your oven needs calibrating. You can also substitute the tahini paste with almond or peanut butter because the tahini can have a slightly bitter taste which can also give an off taste to the final dish. Hope this helps, I really appreciate your comment, I will actually add the nut butters to the ingredient list.