Words Of Encouragement For Someone Going Through A Divorce are hard to come by. Going through a divorce is definitely a difficult experience. You don’t have to go through it to have an idea of the pain and discomfort.

And although this is one of the most difficult things a person can through, probably only second to losing a loved one. I tell you it’s not the end of your life.

It’s a situation you wished you never had to find yourself but now it has happened and you need to focus on the future rather than be stuck in the past.

I personally believe God can restore even a divorced couple.

Think about it – God is a restorer.

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Jeremiah 29:1 text

If the conditions are right, then there’s nothing God can’t do in His sovereignty. When we think situations have gone beyond their elastic limit and are around the corridors of the break limit, God can do the impossible even then.

Pain is never God’s plan for His children. And even though we know God can teach us through our pains, He never initiates any of them.

This is why we can depend on Him to still the raging storms of a painful situation. He’s the God of all comfort; the Father of comfort. Paul says in 2 Corinthians 1:3-4;

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort; Who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.” 

We learn three things from these verses:

  1. God is the Father of mercies;
  2. He’s God of all comfort; and
  3. He comforts us in all our tribulations.

God is so merciful that it’s only right to call Him the Father of mercies. It means no one living on earth, in heaven, or anywhere else can be as merciful as God.

This should encourage your heart now. It should make your heart merry with the fact that God is not mad at you if you’ve asked Him for mercy.

It may have been your fault. Probably you did something wrong and one thing led to another. But what we see in these verses is that God is merciful enough to forgive whatever we do wrong.

God is a loving Father who’s always ready to welcome us with the open arms of mercy. Don’t let condemnation destroy you. That’s not God. If you can’t find peace to stay sane and also continue your walk with God, I can assure you it has nothing to do with God.

The bible says that we know that He’s faithful to forgive us of our unrighteousness if only we can ask Him for mercy and repent genuinely. (1 John 1:9-10).

Don’t let the devil take advantage of the situation to build a burden upon you. God will never be pleased seeing His beloved child suffer after they’ve asked for His mercy. It doesn’t matter who did what, God is a forgiver always ready to forgive.

God’s Comfort

In the same vein, you must acknowledge God’s mercy in order to receive His comfort.

Comfort is for trying times like this. People don’t just walk up to random people and speak comfort to them. Comfort is a system of restoration from pain, devastation, and injury.

When your heart is burdened and injured. When you feel sore and devastated, and you feel you’re good for nothing. This is the perfect time God’s comfort helps you.

God comforts you to make you realize He’s still your loving Father. He shines through the darkness that may have grossed all around you and says “Light be!”.

Nothing can stop His light from shining in your life and in your heart at this time but you. If you open your heart to let the peace of God marinade you, His peace will round up every devastation and set you free.

You need to look around you and sense the strategies God is trying to use to get to you. He’s speaking through good people around you. Speaking through good, edifying music. Speaking through sermons at your church. He speaks through all of these other external mediums just in case you’re too downcast to listen to Him speak on the inside of you or too weary to take up your bible and read it.

Yes, there’s no need to deny that sometimes we can be too downcast to even take up the word of God and read for ourselves. God understands how human we can be. We can be tired, be weary, be discouraged. We can get to a point where nothing makes sense to us, although still believers.

God understands and that’s why we have Jesus, the high priest who fully understands this dimension of human pain because He was once human.

God says to cast that burden on His shoulders and let Him be your help.

This is not the best time to ponder on the great plans you both had together. You may just be opening wounds that are trying hard to heal already.

It’s also not the perfect time to let your heart be filled with regrets about who did what and what did who. You’ve got to let it go. This is the first step to allowing God’s healing power have a chance at helping you.


I want to remind you that there’s nothing impossible for God to do.

I know it sounds cliché and I’m about to probably say some more cliché-sounding phrases. But the truth must be spoken no matter how many times it has been heard before.

Don’t you hinge your happiness upon being married? Don’t strap your life’s purpose to being a married person.

While it’s godly, great, and awesome to be married, that’s not the ultimate requirement to being happy in Jesus.

In fact, Paul was so fulfilled being single that he thought to share this idea of remaining single with anyone who was interested. So, don’t take it to be an end-of-your-life event because it isn’t.

There’s so much to be done. There’s so much you can be. I don’t care how old or young you are because honestly, God doesn’t either.

God will do only what you permit Him to do in your life. And you should be excited about your future because God says, I will bless you with a future filled with hope—a future of success, not of suffering.” Jeremiah 29:11.

No matter how many times we quote this scripture it never takes the truth out of it. It’s simply what God has said and we know His word is sure and He’s faithful. He’s trustworthy to do His part if only we do ours.


Talking about tribulation…

I know you may be facing some stigma of some sort, especially within Christian circles. Well, that’s expected to happen.

But before you condemn the church for killing its wounded soldiers, let’s be sincere. As much as you have those pointing fingers of accusation and condemnation at you, I can bet you also have those throwing in support for you. So, you just remain focused on those who’ll benefit you.

I get it’s the church and you expect everyone to have and show the “mind of Christ” but don’t forget not everyone has allowed Christ to transform their hearts into what it should be. It’s a mixed multitude out there.

So, please don’t judge the entire church by the few who haven’t subscribed totally to God’s transformation of love.

Therefore, you may face tribulation from believers who haven’t gotten to that level of truth yet. While they judge you, don’t return the favor. Be different. Be patient with them just as God is with you.

Talking about tribulation. Do you know when God spoke the popular verse I just quoted in Jeremiah 29:11? It was in the heart of His people’s captivity.

It sounds ironic that the people of God were held captive. But it’s really not. They were there for their sins. This may not always be the reason for our tribulation as we’ve learned from the scriptures.

But my point is to show you that this word of comfort came to the people of Jerusalem and Judah in the period of their captivity in Babylon.

In fact, God didn’t promise to make things great for them immediately. God had given them a projection of seventy years they were going to spend in captivity.

But here’s the great thing about the word of God that came to Jeremiah. God told the people in a manner of speaking to be at peace and enjoy the moment.

God told them to plant vineyards, get married and pray for the peace and growth of Babylon. Why should you enjoy your tribulation?

And then God interjects revealing the good plans He had for them – Plans to give them the good end they hoped for. What a God merciful!

So, while they’re going through the pain of being away from home. Being treated as second-class citizens in a strange land and all the not-so-nice benefits that come with captivity, God was reminding them of His merciful secret plan.

That’s the same for you and me. God doesn’t speak about good only when things are good. Even in the midst of the storm, He speaks of what He’ll do at the end of it. So that when it happens, we look back and say it was truly God.

This is God’s standard system of operation. We saw it at the beginning of creation when it was only darkness and waters inhabiting the earth. God spoke light out of the darkness and that’s what it was.

That’s what God does and He wants to do that in your life as well.

He’s not threatened by the darkness of your situation. He doesn’t abort missions because He’s incapable of finishing like He’s some “god” that depends on greater factors beyond Him. He’s God Almighty.

I know it’s cold and really feels bad but trust God as an ever-present help.

Isaiah 26:3


You may be asking why God would let your marriage hit the rocks and end so badly. You may be really hurt and not even trust that God has good intentions for you at this point.

These are natural thoughts that come to us when we go through tough times.

When the disciples were with Jesus rowing across the river and were hit by a monstrous storm, they also felt that way.

They were so pained that they had to ask Jesus if He wasn’t concerned for their lives.

Of course, Jesus was, and He would eventually calm the storms. But here’s what He told them right after rebuking the storms, “Where is your faith?”

He wasn’t making jest of them. He understood they were human but they also had the ability to have faith in that moment.

God would never ask us to do what we don’t have the power to do. So, when He’s asking you to have faith, He knows you have the capacity to do it.

Trust God above your pain. Trust God beyond your feelings. It’s difficult to numb those thoughts and feelings of hurt, disappointment, and gloom but you surely can let the word of God rise above them.

God can only give you peace when you let your heart focus on Him. It says in Isaiah 26:3, You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You; because he trusts in You.” 

Your heart must block out all the noise and let God speak to it.

It’s like being in a noisy room where everyone’s talking at the top of their voices. You need to focus on who you want to hear before you catch what they’re saying with little luck, or you shut the unneeded noise to pay attention to what you want to hear.

God has made provision to get you through hard times. He knows they’ll come. He knows and has said, “…Do not be afraid—I will save you. I have called you by name—you are mine. When you pass through deep waters, I will be with you; your troubles will not overwhelm you. When you pass through the fire, you will not be burned; the hard trials that come will not hurt you.” 

I know you’re going through a lot right now. But be at peace. God is with you in this trying time. He’s right there with you as you pass through this deep water. He’s with you as you pass through the fire. You’ll not be overwhelmed, and nor will you be burned by this hard trial before you. You come out stronger!

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