At some point in life, everyone needs that assurance that everything will be fine in the end. On a cloudy dark day when storms are raging, we may not always be privileged to remember that the day could be a bright day again soon enough. Here are some Words Of Encouragement For Women.

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We find a limitation inherent in us – the fault of living in the moment. While it’s good to live in the moment in some situations, in others, it does us harm.

God wants to speak to you and calm the monstrous storm ravaging your heart.with black girl standart

When we’re in the trenches and hope is looking thinner with every passing second, allowing the moment to dictate our future could be risky. At such times, we must find the strength to look beyond what we presently experience and realize there can be a tomorrow where all is pristine again.

Women have a lot to be concerned about. They have been saddled with such a responsibility that almost feels like they carry the world on their shoulders. It can be difficult.

A woman is called a mother, regardless of having her own children. She’s not only a mother to her biological children but with a big, God-given heart, her mercy and compassion extend to those without. Hence, the pressure to see everything around her working well is natural.

She takes responsibility for her family – husband and kids – with all the strength she can possibly conjure. If she stopped here, she would have done exceedingly well. However, it doesn’t end here for most women.

For most women, there’s still the responsibility of a career, a business, church, community, politics, etc., and all these must be attended to simultaneously as the family. This takes the grace of God to accomplish.

What help can we give these heroes who give time, energy, and love to seeing that the world remains sane considering a myriad of variables that can most times be uncontrollable? The courage to push on is what they need.

With great responsibility comes the need for great strength to achieve.

Humans can be weary, and women are no exception.

Proverbs 31:30 King James Version 30 Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.

Words Of Encouragement For Women

The psychology of words has proven that there is something words can do to a person. Words can literally increase strength or deplete it.

The human body is always attentive to the words it hears. Not only those it hears outside, but even the ones it hears on the inside.

Largely, the words that keep ringing on our inside, such as thoughts about who we are, what we can do, and other opinions running wild in our minds are formed from the external influences around us.

For instance, if someone complimented you by telling you how beautiful they think you are, it sticks. It becomes an opinion in your mind. You can run with this idea for a very long time, especially if that person was held in high regard by you.

It’s just like that for humans; what we hear makes us.

In the same vein, if you were told how slim your chances of doing something were, it would take extra motivation to get you doing otherwise.

The words we hear, speak and interact with become the basis of our opinions which in turn become the foundations for what we may achieve or not achieve.

In a neuroscience experiment “Do Words Hurt?” by Maria Richter and collaborating scientists, they monitored subjects’ brain responses to auditory and imagined negative words. During the process, they discovered painful or negative words increase Implicit Processing (IMP) within the subgenual anterior cingulate cortex (sACC).

Their study proved that negative words have the power to release stress and anxiety-inducing hormones in subjects.

This is exactly what the bible already talked about when it said, “Life and death are in the power of the tongue”. Science just caught up now.

If negative words induce stress, don’t you think positive words do the exact opposite? Yes, they do!

In a jointly written book, “Words Can Change Your Brain”, Dr. Andrew Newberg, a neuroscientist at Thomas Jefferson University, and Mark Robert Waldman, a communications expert had this to say:

“By holding a positive and optimistic word in your mind, you stimulate frontal lobe activity. This area includes specific language centers that connect directly to the motor cortex responsible for moving you into action. And as our research has shown, the longer you concentrate on positive words, the more you begin to affect other areas of the brain.”

It’s science supporting what the scriptures already say about the power of words. Positive words do much good to the soul. They can spring you into positive action!

Therefore, you must learn to use them as a woman or give them to a woman in need of them. Positive words are a tree of life that give strength to whoever hears them.

Now, you must speak them and hold them close to your heart. They must not depart from your lips.

So, while you’re reading this and probably going through some challenges, there’s help for you. The word of God you need to foster strength is available to you.

God wants to speak to you and calm the monstrous storm ravaging your heart.

Positive words are a tree of life that give strength to whoever hears them.

What God Says

God has said so much about you. He has you in mind and knows what you’re going through. He’s a compassionate God and Father.

Here’s what Paul says about God in 2 Corinthians 1:3,4 ESV;

Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.

The first take-home here is, that God is the Father of all comfort. It communicates the love and care of God to us, wanting us to receive comfort every single time we’re in a bad place. Because bad times will definitely come just as Jesus already foretold but we’re not left like orphans in those seasons.

God is a merciful Father who wants you at peace and makes the most reasonable and intentional move by giving you the Comforter – the Holy Spirit – to keep you always.

You’re going through afflictions? That’s okay, and God knows that. His eyes are on the sparrow, much more you whom He has now called friend and child. He loves you and wants you to overcome that situation.

That’s why He gives you these words…

For Your Family

God instituted the family. So, that family you have is not outside of His will. It’s not something you did of your own invention. That should guarantee you of God’s help when things are spiraling out of control.

God says about you:

“Blessed shall be the fruit of your womb …” Deuteronomy 28:4 KJV

God has pronounced a blessing over the fruit of your womb. This is indicative of your children. They’re blessed by the word of God.

So, what now? Why are things looking not to be conforming to God’s word? It’s the attack of the devil.

The forces of evil may be against your family, manipulating your children into lifestyles that are not depictive of a blessed heritage. You must be dogged to keep proclaiming the blessing of God over them until they begin to express what God calls them.

These words are what should be the loudest in your heart, not the thoughts of what they’re doing wrong or not getting right. Think of them through the prism of God’s view. They are blessed and not a source of problems to you.

For God has said:

“Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward.” Psalms 127:3 KJV

Your children are a heritage from God. Do you know what that means? That they come from God as gifts. And the bible without confusion tells us God is the giver of every good and perfect gift. He’s a good Father like that.

Speak the things that are true. I know it could be difficult seeing your lovely child veering off and doing things you never thought possible, but be encouraged. Their matter is before God and He will restore them soon.

Or whether it’s against you and your husband the devil is building an attack, God has not left you without help.

Don’t give up! Just hold on, for God knows the plans of good He has for you.

Don’t give up! Just hold on, for God knows the plans of good He has for you.

God’s timing is perfect. Today, your situation may look desperately in need of help, and you think tomorrow may be too late but not with God.

I’ve heard the story of a woman who was abandoned by her husband for 7 years and that relationship was restored in a matter of minutes in a prayer meeting. It was time for God to restore the relationship and He did.

I don’t know how long yours may have been. It may not even have gotten that bad yet, thank God. But you must know that God is the restorer. That’s His specialty – He restores broken things.

Sometimes, it takes a really broken thing to see the beauty of a restored version. I’m not saying God is waiting until things get so bad. But also remember the story of Jesus in the boat with the disciples. The one where the storms begin to rage and the water becomes boisterous.

They thought they were going to die, and Jesus was right there waiting for them to call on Him. They eventually did, and everything was back to sane again. “Peace is still”, He said, and oh what stillness of peace.

Remember also another time when Lazarus was sick and they sent for Jesus. Jesus waited a while longer until Lazarus eventually died.

He said:

“…This illness does not lead to death. It is for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified through it.” 

God was glorified. Even when Lazarus’ sisters thought it was over, Jesus showed them it wasn’t.

So also sometimes, it looks like we’re going through the fire and it feels like it’s consuming us. But just like the fire Moses encountered in the burning bush, we’re not consumed because God says in Isaiah 43:2 KJV;

“When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee..”

Although you go through the waters that seem to overwhelm you or the fires that feel so hot, God is with you. You will not be overwhelmed by the fire, and nor will you be burned.

Just watch and see the salvation of the Lord, your God.

Psalm 46:5 "God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns."

For Your Health

It’s almost regular to see women with various issues fighting for their health. Let me tell you something, never think of this as a natural phenomenon. No!

God didn’t make any human with a natural predisposition to being afflicted by a sickness more than the next person.

When God made man (man and woman), He didn’t create sickness as a souvenir for them. Sickness was a package the devil sold. And you know what happens to things the devil constructs, they get destroyed by Jesus.

Just as it says in 1 John 3:8 KJV

“…. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.”

Don’t take the report of being a victim of that ill-health. The doctors are there to help. They’re there to help keep a check on your health and also help you know when the gates of hell are working against it.

Here’s what Jesus has done for you:

“He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds, you have been healed.”

Did you get that last part? It says, “By His wounds, you have been healed”. Hallelujah!

You may have symptoms in your body but that’s what they should stop at. It goes no further because Jesus has healed every sickness and disease already. So, where’s this coming from?

Don’t feel devasted and neglected by God. He cares for you and knows your pain. He wants you healed and has already made provision in fact.

Do you remember the woman with the issue of blood who had suffered 12 long agonizing years going from doctor to doctor with no cure?

When Jesus came to the scene, his intention to heal even superimposed the need for the process. She was supposed to ask Jesus’ permission to be healed but because healing flowed out of Him freely to everyone in need, all she needed to do was touch the hem of His garment, and she received healing. It just goes to show how desperate Jesus is to heal those who call on Him.

One time, Hezekiah the king was about to die of sickness and he asked God for mercy. Guess what God did. He added 15 whole years to the man’s life and good health with it of course.

Do you see how merciful God is and how willing He is to comfort us in our pain and exit us from every disturbing situation?

So, don’t give up. You can’t give up now. Don’t let that condition win because Jesus already won it all for you – your health, salvation, and every good thing you will ever need.

“Blessed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and blessed shalt thou be when thou goest out.” Deuteronomy 28:6 KJV

For Your Career/Business

Juggling family life, social life, and business or career is no easy task. It’s definitely a herculean task to handle.

But you know what God says? He says:

“Blessed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and blessed shalt thou be when thou goest out.” Deuteronomy 28:6 KJV

Your going out and coming in is blessed. That means, what you do in your house (coming in) and whatever you do outside (going out) should always be marked by blessings.

Now, your business and or career falls under the activities happening outside of family life, and God says it’s blessed.

Okay, so you’re probably in an awkward place with your business at the moment and this whole thing doesn’t seem to be adding up, right?

Well, that’s just what the devil is known for – opposing what God says about us. It should be no wonder to you when things in the present are not looking like what God says they should be.

The devil will always try to challenge what God says about you, and you only truly lose the moment you buy into the devil’s opinions.

Take Jesus’ temptation for example. When Satan came, all he tried to do was to challenge the knowledge Jesus had about who God said He was.

Had Jesus wavered for a second, Satan would have defeated Him. Why? Because God didn’t say those things about Jesus? No. But the moment you let the devil take that word away from you, you’ve lost that dimension of possibility.

You’ve got to know the word of God and keep it close to your heart.

There’s also another challenge women face in the workplace or even with personal business. It’s the problem of being underestimated. They look at you like you don’t really belong to some high positions or other privileges.

Some women have to compromise and do ungodly things to get to where they’ll be looked upon with respect. But you don’t have to go this route. You don’t have to prove yourself to anybody if it will cost your righteousness.

Believe God’s word that says you’re the head and not the tail. That word is for you as well!

God cares so much about everything you do and all you go through. He sees when they despise you for one reason or the other, and He says “Vengeance is mine”. Yes, the vengeance of God applies to restoring everything you’ve lost because of men’s misdoings against you.

You’ve already been set on a pedestal of success and exceptional glory. It’s only a matter of time before you see it all unfold in your life.

Proverbs 31:16-17 "She considers a field and buys it; with the fruit of her hands she plants a vineyard. She dresses herself with strength and makes her arms strong."

For Your Mental Health

Peace is a fundamental commodity to human existence. Without peace, there’s no possible progress. Why are you so stressed out about many things? Does the Lord not say cast all your burdens on Me for I care?

These are not mere words, they’re spirit and life. When you let them find a place in your heart, they get to work, making sure everything works out for your good.

The bible also says that all things work together for the good of those who love God. Why are you so bothered then?

Do you remember the story of Ruth? Yes, who would later become a name in the genealogy of Jesus.

Remember how her life started out and where it ended? Let’s just cut off some part of the story and begin where she lost her husband and had become a widow with no foreseeable good future.

She was human of course and would have thought that was it for her. But she was a brave woman. And in her bravery, made the decision to follow her mother-in-law, Naomi, back to a foreign land.

Now, after they came back to Israel, things didn’t just start working out for them. They had to face humiliation like beggars scrounging for what to eat. That was devastating enough but she kept hope. Until finally, she met the man Boaz who restored her glory, and what was once vague became so bright.

That’s the plan of God for those who trust in Him. If you think about it, Ruth wasn’t even an Israelite but look how God favored her. How much more do you who have the Spirit of God and are called “child of God”? What lengths do you think God wouldn’t go to keep you at peace and bless you?

What will God not give you if He gave you His only Son and His Spirit?

Your mental health is important beyond emphasis. For everything God wants to bring into your life, you first need to have peace to receive it.

Jesus has given you the peace that the world cannot dare to give, and neither can it take it. All you need to do is have that consciousness and tell yourself you want to enjoy that peace.

It’s a battle for your mind. The devil and his cohort are working tirelessly to drive you crazy with worries and the uncertainties of life. Why do you think the very moment it begins to seem like everything is falling in place, then all of a sudden, another disaster strikes?

Evil wants your mind despaired, and that can only happen when you set so much attention to what’s going right or not.

That’s not how to keep the peace. The bible says to trust in the Lord with all your heart. All your heart, and not a part of it.

God wants all of your heart; all of your attention; and all of your being focused on Him. That’s how to get His peace.

There will always be issues to handle as long as we live on earth. Our duty is not to focus on them, otherwise, insanity will not be far from us.

But the strategy is to cast all of that care and burden upon the Lord because He cares and will work it all out for you.

In conclusion

God has not given you the spirit of fear and timidity. God has not intended that you suffer weariness of mind and depression. He has made a provision for you to always soar above the storms.

His word is a lamp to your feet and constitutes a guide for your path. His Spirit in you is able to give life to your body if you listen and obey what He says.

Finally, there’s this beautiful hymn that says “Look and live… look to Jesus Christ and live…” It is only when you look to Jesus, hear His words and acknowledge them that you can live the life God wants for you.

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