The most valuable possession of an individual is his health which is an age older saying that is still popular “health is wealth.” In our body, our immune system keeps us healthy and active, but what keeps it healthy and well going? In this article, I will discuss the best immune-boosting supplements that will enhance the ability of your immune system against ailments and infectious diseases.


The immune system is a collection of cells and processes that defends our body against diseases.  Apart from a healthy routine and diet, we should supplement the body’s immune system so, it can work more efficiently.

We are living in an era of industrialization where we do not get adequate minerals and nutrients from the soil. Additionally, environmental changes bring about more bad effects on immunity where the need for extra care arises.[1]

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How Do Supplements Boost Immunity?

immune supplements

Nutrients and multivitamins aid the immune system in many ways, and deficiency of one can alter the whole functioning of the immune system. There are several animal and epidemiological studies showing that a deficiency of vitamins (A, D, and E) can weaken the activity of the immune system. So, this helps the immune system by boosting the growth and activity of T-lymphocytes. Research also shows that malnourished people are at higher risk of infections than others. [2]

How To Naturally Boost the Immune System?

One can easily maintain a healthy immune system naturally through a healthy lifestyle. Eating well- a nourished and balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, being physically active, and going to bed early are pro tips for naturally enhancing a healthy immune system. Quit habits that destroy your health and weaken the defense system such as alcohol consumption or smoking. [3]

immune supplements

Best Immune-Boosting Supplements

Following are the supplements and herbs which serve various functions of the immune system from enhancement of cells to their proper functioning as a result boosting the overall immune system.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C being the most popular and effective supplement protects against diseases as well as supports immunity functions. It plays its role in cell decay and is a barrier to cell damage due to oxidative stress. Research performed showed that taking Vitamin C on daily basis reduces the chances of cold, infection, sepsis, and lung difficulties. [4] [5]


Vitamin D

Vitamin D enhances the production of white blood cells as well as is a booster for the infection-fighting ability of lymphocytes. Vitamins are an important part of the defense mechanism which is why their deficiency leads to viral infections e.g. influenza. [6]Recommended supplementation level of vitamin D per day is 1,000 to 4,000 IU. [7]



Zinc is an important component of many healthcare products as it’s essential for immune system functioning. It is effective for inflammation and respiratory issues. The main function is to prevent pathogens from entering the body. Deficiency can make your prey of various infections e.g. pneumonia and respiratory infections.



Selenium is a mineral naturally present in soil and effective for the immune system. It is involved in the regulation of immune processes and is effective against inflammation.



The function of iron is to carry oxygen to the body cells which is basic for carrying out immune system processes.  Vegetables like spinach, beans, and broccoli are also rich in iron.



 This is one of fifty essential herbs used in Chinese and Mongolian medicine. Astragalus is effective for lowering blood pressure, diabetes, and respiratory infections and also improve immune-related responses significantly. [8]



Garlic is known for its anti-inflammatory actions. This easy-to-get supplement stimulates the lymphocytes while the immune system functions.



Andrographis is a native plant of Asian countries and is effective against influenza and other viral diseases. Its anti-viral effects are significantly important for the immune system due to a terpenoid (andrographolide) present in it. [9]



Licorice root contains compounds that are anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. It is effective against viral infections.


Pelargonium sidoides

This S. African native plant is helpful against cold and bronchitis.



Curcumin turmeric extract is helpful for improving the immune system and also has anti-inflammatory properties. [10]



Belong to the daisy family seen to improve immune health and be effective against viral infections.


What To Look for in an immune-boosting supplement?

immune supplements

It is really important that you must know about the form or type of the supplement. Consult your nearby health professional and take guidelines about the dosage and form of intake. Up and down in dose may not show any side effects immediately but after some time it may appear on a dangerous stage. [11]

What are the risks associated with immune-boosting supplements?

Excessive intake of supplements may cause stomach irritation and nausea. For example, an excessive dose of zinc can interfere with copper absorption in the body as a result of the chances of infectious diseases increasing. In more severe cases it can damage the kidney.

Precautionary Measures to be noted

Taking mega-doses of supplements will not make your immune system strong. A balanced diet full of vitamins and proteins will provide you with enough supplements needed for your proper immune system functioning. Take doses with proper guidelines taken from professional doctors and never try to intake any supplement without proper knowledge.

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A strong immune system guarantees a healthy lifestyle and maintaining it is a hard task. Supplements are effective for the proper functioning of immune systems such as white cell stimulation, production, and cell decay. They provide resistance against viral infections and are anti-inflammatory.  Nowadays we see many supplements in the market and pharmacies but this is not a solution. You can get all the above-mentioned supplements easily from a balanced diet. Try to include mentioned supplements in your diet through meat, vegetables and fruits enrich with these. Live a full life with a balanced diet!

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