This cilantro pesto recipe is a fun take on standard pesto; it’s quick and easy to make! You can use this tasty pesto as a dip for bread, crackers, and fresh vegetables.


I’ve got a delicious but easy recipe for you! This pesto recipe is simple enough to make with things you already have on hand (or that you could find at any local grocery shop). I enjoy developing recipes that incorporate various superfoods and adaptogenic herbs. My aim is to share different recipes that you can make with things you already have in your home or that you don’t have to look for.


I’m keeping it simple and adding fresh cilantro for a creative variation on a standard homemade pesto. This pesto is made with cashews (however, if you want to include your favorite nuts, I have given some suggestions below!) However, the cilantro with cashew adds so much flavor that you don’t really need anything else.

Vegan cilantro pesto in wooden bowl on grey background


This sauce comes together in just 10 minutes, making it ideal for a last-minute lunch or dinner sauce.

If you’re following a low-carb, gluten-free, or keto diet, Cilantro Pesto is a good choice for your healthy cooking repertoire!


I prefer to make this in a food processor, but if you don’t have one, you may use a blender instead (You may only need to scrape down the sides and add a little more oil).


Cilantro is always one of my favorite herbs that I use in recipes, but it takes on a whole new meaning when combined with cashews. The pesto recipe usually uses pine or almond nuts, but I have used cashews in this recipe to give it a delightfully creamy texture. Cashews are commonly used to provide a creamy touch to soups and salads, so it’s only natural that they’d work in pesto as well. I fell in love with this pesto the moment I tried it.

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What Is Pesto?

Pesto is a typical Italian dip/sauce made with garlic, basil leaves, olive oil, pine nuts, and parmesan cheese. Because the traditional method of making this sauce used a wooden pestle and marble mortar, the pesto means “to pound” or “to crush.”

Pesto is typically used to flavor pasta, but it may now also be used to make bruschetta, dips, pizzas, or simply as a stuffing for savory bread. Some people use pestos to flavor soups, stir-fries, or simply as a dressing for roasted vegetables.


How To Make Cilantro Pesto?

This pesto is incredibly bright and flavorful! I was worried that the cilantro would be overpowering, but it turns out that the flavor is actually quite mild. You get a taste of cilantro, but it’s not just cilantro. It’s the perfect taste combination!

Have I mentioned how simple this is? Yes. That’s exactly what I did. But I’ll bring it up again.

All you have to do is toss some ingredients into a food processor and vrrmmmmmm (my food processor sounds…) – it’s done!

It is quite simple and easy to make cilantro pesto; you just need the following ingredients.

 cilantro pesto ingredients


  • 2 cups of cilantro, chopped including stems
  • ½ cup cashew
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 1/2  teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/2 cup olive oil

Cilantro pesto ingredients in food processor


Process cashews in a food processor until finely ground. Add cilantro, lemon juice, garlic, and process. Slowly add the olive oil while the food processor is still running.

Processed cilantro pesto in food processor


To add a fun, savory twist to the above recipe, you can add any of the following ingredients:

  • For a kick of heat, add:
    • Chili Pepper
    • Lemon zest or juice
    • Ginger
  • Use hazelnuts instead of cashew nuts. You can also use almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and even sunflower seeds.
  • If you want to vary the texture a little, add a little water until you have the right consistency!
  • Avoid using excessive oil because if you add too much olive oil, the pesto will become greasy and unpleasant to eat.

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Is It Possible To Freeze Cilantro Pesto?

This cilantro pesto can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. Alternatively, you may freeze the pesto cubes in ice cube trays and then save them in a freezer-safe Ziploc bag.

Pesto can be kept frozen for up to six months.   Easily take pesto cubes anytime you wish to use them in a meal.


Cilantro pesto in wooden bowl on grey background

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