Green Papaya

Green Papaya can be used as an ingredient in some of your favorite recipes! Read to learn more about this fruit today.

Mostly unripe fruits or veggies are usually not edible, either because of their taste or texture. The unripe veggies seem completely useless. But you are wrong if you think that way.

There are veggies and even fruits that are consumed and used unripe. They have applications even in their unprepared form.

Here I am going to unravel one such secret fruit that can be used while unripe. I am talking about Green Papaya! I already have a recipe with this fruit, Green Papaya Curry!

Keep reading to know every detail of this beneficial fruit.

What is Green Papaya?

The Papaya itself has its basis in Mexico and South America. Almost all tropical locations grow this fruit for a variety of purposes. Papaya is a healthy remedy for several health-related issues and it cures diseases effectively, that is why it is called a Power fruit.

Papaya is also known as Pawpaw, mamao, and tree melon. The green papaya is typically found in Asian remedies, cuisines, and home-based cures.  The green papaya is classified as native to Mexico and it is one of the two types of Papaya. It is called Mexican Papaya because of its origin. The other type of papaya is based in Hawaiian and is commonly crop over there. The reason why it is more admired is that it is easy to harvest and sweeter in taste.

Green papaya is used for several reasons in Asian cuisines. I’ll be discussing it here in detail so keep reading.

Let’s dig deeper into the appearance of the Green Papaya.

The average green papaya fruit weighs up to one or two pounds. The fruit looks like a pear in shape its outer peel is green and its flesh is pale translucent yellow-green in color and then the inner central cavity is filled with seeds. The edible parts are flesh and seeds excluding the peel.

One can compare a mango with green papaya in texture and consistency, as the flesh is very much similar in both. The taste of the inner flesh is slant and subtly sweet while the seeds taste tarty and peppery.

You may find green papaya available year-round. A recorded 15 pounds weighing papaya fruit is considered the largest papaya fruit to date. 

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Papaya nutrition:

Several health remedies have come out of this simple beneficial fruit over the past years. You can find people prescribing it as a home-based remedy to several issues concerning your health care or cooking remedies and more. Here are some nutritional values listed. Have a look at it.

  • High antioxidant content: Our body needs these antioxidant molecules to fight against diseases like cancer, heart diseases, and other health disorders. These molecules are produced when our body breaks down the food or faces exposure to tobacco smoke. Antioxidants are against free radicals and protect cells. And Papaya in any form or type is always high in antioxidants.
  • Beneficial enzymes: Enzymes are necessary for easy digestion and liver growth and regular functioning. The decrease or increase in the number of specific enzymes can cause health issues in different parts of human health. Papaya is also good for acquiring beneficial enzymes.
  • Boosts immunity: A strong immune system is a necessity for a healthier lifestyle. The papaya boosts immunity to tackle all the health disorders or incoming free radicals.
  • Enhances digestion: papaya is a good ingredient for dissolving purposes. It enhances digestion.
  • Protects against free radicals: Papaya being rich in antioxidants protects your body against free radicals.  

How to eat Green Papaya?

The papaya can be eaten raw, cooked, baked, sauteed, or boiled, just the way you want. The papaya can be fried and pureed as well. There are several uses with the fruit that you can eat too.

Considering its skin, if you cut it half and hollow it out, the fruit can be used to make a perfect bowl for the salad or salsa.

The seeds are edible too. They give tart and peppery flavor to your cuisine. Seeds can be used as grounded pepper or seasoning just like black pepper.

How to cook green papaya?

Cooking the papaya of different types can be different too.

The green papaya can be used in tendering meat and beef. Just cut small raw papaya into pieces and put those pieces in your meat or beef curry or anything that needs tendering. That’s a common usage of green papaya here in Asia.

 It’s also a great weight reducer. The trick is that the papaya is washed and peeled off. The peeled papaya is then cut into chips. Now comes the best part you have to take a needle and thread and sew the thin chips from the midpoint. The threaded papaya chips are then hung in front of sunlight to dry out. These dried chips of raw green papaya are then consumed for treating obesity. Keep in mind, that if it doesn’t work in your case still it doesn’t have any side effects.

Besides, there are several recipes that can be made tastier by adding papaya to them. So, up for new tasty recipes, here are some.

You can store papaya in a paper bag but remember it will ripen in a few days. So if you want to consume it raw then go for buying fresh every time you need one. The longer they are going to stay in a paper bag they will be more mango-textured and sweeter. The ripe papaya has a 30% of sugar content which makes it sweeter than unripe ones.

Enjoy the amazing tips and health benefits of this admirable fruit from nature!

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