Have you ever wondered how many cups in a pint? This might have happened to you if you are a cooking or baking enthusiast. While a cup is a common tool of measurement used by cooks and bakers when they are working on a recipe, sometimes you can find a recipe using a pint as a measuring unit.

It can get a bit confusing to calculate how many cups are in a pint on such occasions if you are not familiar with cup-to-pint conversions.

In this article, we will explain the simplest way to know how many cups in a pint using an easy formula. Plus, there is a ready-to-use conversion chart for you to find a specific number of cups in a certain number of pints at a glance. So, keep on reading to find your answer!

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What is a Pint?

Pint is a unit of volume and is abbreviated as “pt’ or sometimes as “p.” It is also a unit to measure the capacity of dry ingredients. It is a widespread belief that the word pint originated from an old French word “pinte,” that came from a Latin word “pincta,” meaning, painting. This word refers to the measurement lines on measuring tools.

What is a Cup?

Cup is another unit used to measure volume. A cup is denoted by “c” or “C.” It can also be used to measure dry ingredients. A cup is equal to 8 fluid ounces in the US. A measuring cup is slightly different in the US and the UK. To keep things simple, you can take 2 teaspoons out of a UK cup to convert it into a US cup.

How Many Cups in a Pint?

Now comes our main question, how many cups in a pint? There are 2 cups in a US pint and 0.5 pints in a measuring cup. To find the number of cups in a pint, you need to multiply the pint value by 2. You can find the number of cups in a pint using the following simple formula.

Pints to Cups Formula

Cup = Pint × 2

For example, if you are looking for the number of cups in 8 pints, you can find it by multiplying 8 by 2.

Cups = Pints × 2

Cups = 8 × 2

Cups = 16

So, there are 16 cups in 8 pints.

How Many Pints in a Cup?

Finding the number of pints in a cup is as easy as finding how many cups in a pint. A pint is equal to half a cup. So, to find how many pints in a specific number of cups, you will need to divide the value of cups by 2 or multiply that value by 0.5.

Cups to Pints Formula

Pints = Cups ÷ 2


Pints = Cups × 0.5

For example, if you are looking for the number of pints in 10 cups, here is how you can do it.

Pints = Cups ÷ 2

Pints = 10 ÷ 2

Pints = 5


Pints = Cups × 0.5

Pints = 10 × 0.5

Pints = 5

So, there are 5 pints in 10 cups.

Tips to Make Accurate Measurements

Converting pints to cups and vice versa seems quite easy. However, there are a few things that you must learn to make accurate measurements.

US Pint vs the UK Pint

The US and the UK pints are slightly different from each other. The US pint is about 20 per cent smaller than the UK pint, also known as the Imperial pint. In the US, a pint is equal to 16 ounces, while in the UK, it is equal to 20 ounces.

It is important that you pay attention to these units to use the correct quantity of ingredients in the recipe you are following.

By keeping this difference in mind:

1 US liquid pint is equal to 2 cups


1 Pint = 2 Cups

On the other hand:

1 UK liquid pint is equal to 2.409 cups


1 Pint = 2.409 Cups

Measuring Liquid Ingredients Vs. Dry Ingredients

Measurement techniques are also different when it comes to measuring the dry vs liquid ingredients.

  • For Liquid Ingredients

You might have noticed that some measuring cups are different from others. Measuring

cups have different manufacturing depending on whether they are produced to measure dry or liquid ingredients.

To measure liquid ingredients, measuring cups come with spouts to make it easy to pour the measured liquid into the other container. Spouts also ensure that the liquid would not overflow.

The liquid measuring cups are also made of transparent material and have measuring scales to measure against. It is imperative that you place the cup on a flat surface and read the value by bringing your eyes to the level with scale for accurate measurement.

  • For Dry Ingredients

In contrast with liquid measuring cups that cup with a spout on the side, dry measuring cups have a flat top and a smooth brim. As a general rule to measure a dry ingredient, fill it in the cup and then slide the butter knife at the top to remove the excess amount.

Measuring dry ingredients can get a little tricky as each dry ingredient has a different density, so you will need to measure them differently.

For example, for measuring powdered dry ingredients like flour, fill the cup using a spoon. And when it is full, remove the extra ingredient at the top using the butter knife technique. This is known as “scooped and leveled,” instruction seen in the recipes.

On the other hand, if you are measuring a dry granulated ingredient like rice or oats, you don’t need to use a butter knife. Filling up the cup and shaking it to remove the excess ingredient would do just fine.

In addition, you can weigh the dry ingredients on a kitchen scale to further enhance the accuracy of your measurement.

*Special Instruction

If the recipe simply mentions “pint, ” it usually refers to the liquid pint. For dry ingredients, recipes specifically say “dry pint.”

Cups to Pints (and other common units) Conversion Chart

Cups in a pint table


Knowing how many cups are in a pint is a vital kitchen conversion to perfectly cook and bake your recipes.

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