What are the benefits of Malabar spinach? Nowadays, people are more conscious about their health. Nutritionists suggest eating a healthy and balanced diet, that’s why people are now adding nutrient-rich food to their daily diet like green vegetables, beans, grains, and nuts.

Mostly Asian, American, and South African people use this variety of spinach along with other healthy food in their daily diet. It is a great source of protein and rich in healthy nutrients like minerals and vitamins. Malabar spinach is a green leafy vegetable that is also named “Basella alba. It is scientifically classified as the kingdom Planate clade.

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This is an edible perennial vine of the family basellaceae. It is mostly present in tropical Asia and Africa. People use it here as a leaf vegetable. It is not a true spinach. It is actually a climbing vine.

Malabar spinach is also known as vine spinach, creeping spinach, and Ceylon spinach. It tastes like spinach but is a little more bitter than the original common spinach. Malabar Spanish prevents various diseases such as heart issues, hypertension, and high blood sugar because it has loads of nutrients.

 Malabar spinach originated from Srilanka or India and is inherent to tropical southern Asia. It is also present in bulk amounts in the Philippines, Malaysia, the Caribbean, tropical Africa, tropical south America, and southeast brazil. It is considered the best tropical spinach found in the tropical world.

Malabar spinach plant

Nutritional value

According to scientific reports, Malabar spinach is rich in nutrients. This report showed that 44 grams of Malabar spinach contains only 10 calories. It contains 50 micrograms of vitamin B9, 0.65 mg of iron, 55 mg of calcium, 0.049 mg of copper, and 21 mg of magnesium. It is packed with vitamin B9, minerals, and other proteins.

Health benefits

The Malabar spinach is extremely healthy and linked to various health benefits such as

  • Improves heart health

The heart is an important part of the human body that delivers blood to the body. That’s why it is important to keep the Heart healthy. According to a survey report, about 17. 9 million people die each year because of heart problems. But a study report proved that Malabar spinach helps to improve heart health.

According to scientific reports, Homocysteine increases the risk of stroke and cardiovascular problems.

But spinach possesses Folate, which controls the level of homocysteine level of the blood. It converts Homocysteine and methionine. Thus it is best to eat Folate rich Malabar spinach.

Additionally, Malabar spinach contains essential minerals such as zinc, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc., to improve overall heart health.

  • Treats depression

Depression is a serious issue; it can destroy the life of a person who experiences it. If you take Folate along with a sufficient amount of vegetables and plant food, then it can help you reduce depression. So if anybody is going through depression, he must add Folate to his diet, and Malabar spinach is the best option because a study report proved that 100 grams of Malabar spinach contains 35 percent Folate in it.

  • Prevents dementia

Do you have any dementia patients in the family? Usually, people experience dementia and other brain issues in older age because of different factors and poor and unbalanced diet. Additionally, there are high levels of Homocysteine in the body which can lead to diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

There is no specific treatment available for such diseases, so the best way to prevent dementia is by eating healthy food items such as Malabar spinach. Malabar spinach prevents dementia because it has Folate that reduces the risk of dementia.

  • Pregnancy

According to reports, Folate is needed for a healthy pregnancy. The lack of Folate leads to defects in neural tubes like anencephaly, spina bifida, limb malformations, and heart problems. In addition, Folate is required in copying DNA and building new cells.

Lack of Folate can cause issues that are seen even after birth. Folate-rich foods like leafy greens like Malabar protein, avocados, sprouted beans, and citrus, etc. that’s why the doctor suggests Malabar Spanish in the diet during pregnancy. So one must consume this food during pregnancy.

  • Weight loss

Weight loss is a major issue nowadays, and a great number of the population is overweight. It is not easy to lose weight, but food with high protein and fiber helps in digestion and lower-calorie foods help with weight loss. Malabar spinach contains low calories.100 grams of Malabar spinach provides only 19 calories. It is so beneficial for weight loss as it has good fiber content. Fibers give you a feeling of fullness.

Thus you feel good having low calories. It is also popularly used by those on a keto diet. 

  • Improves sleep

Malabar spinach improves sleep quality. According to reports, Malabar spinach has zinc and magnesium in it. These minerals play an important role in the human body. Magnesium causes muscle relaxation. Both magnesium and zinc make each other nutrients absorb easy and make the brain relaxed, and improve sleep.

  • Prevents viral diseases

Malabar spinach reduces the chances of getting ill with viral attacks. Malabar spinach has vitamin C in it, which boosts your defense system. It protects your body from different diseases.

  • Controls blood pressure

It is very important for us to have normal blood pressure. Normal blood pressure delivers oxygen and nutrients from the blood to different body organs and tissues.

A report showed that Malabar spinach has a great amount of potassium. Potassium is a vasodilator, and It increases the blood flow, controls heartbeat, and improves the level of oxygen.

  • Controls blood sugar levels

It is a fact that Fiber slows down the rise of blood sugar levels. Intake of high-fiber food decreases the absorption of glucose. Malabar spinach is a fiber-rich food. It decreases glucose levels. It is very effective for diabetic patients.

  • Improves bone health

Malabar spinach has magnesium and calcium in it. These two minerals are required for bone health. If both calcium and magnesium are present, then magnesium is better absorbed and vice versa. It’s good for people who have weak bones and arthritis.

  • Lowers the cholesterols

Fibers found in Malabar spinach help in lowering cholesterol. Fibers decrease the amount of bad cholesterol. It increases blood flow and decreases the risk of developing many cardiovascular diseases.

  • Lowers the anemic risk

Anema is a severe condition and death-causing disease. In different cases, a Low level of Folate can cause anemia. In this condition, abnormal red blood cells are formed. But the food or supplements that contain folate help to get rid of anemia. It is a great source of Folate and this amount of

folate helps in vitamin B12 absorption and prevents anemia.

Additionally, Iron is needed for the production of normal blood cells. If someone has an iron deficiency, then it can affect hemoglobin production. The red blood cells of the body will be unable to carry oxygen. This condition leads to anemia.100 g of Malabar spinach contains 1.2 mg of iron. Thus it improves the iron level in your body.

  • Improves eyesight

Malabar spinach leaves are important sources of vitamin A.100 g of fresh leaves contain 8000 IU or 267 percent of recommended daily allowance of this vitamin. Vitamin A is needed to maintain a healthy mucus membrane and skin. It is also good for eyesight.

  • Prevents Cancer

If you take enough vegetables and fruits having vitamin A in them, then it can protect you from lung and oral cavity cancers. Scientific research showed that Malabar spinach has a great content of vitamin A, so it prevents cancers.

  • Resistance against infection

Malabar spinach contains more vitamin C content than spinach.100 g of fresh green contains 102 mg or 102 percent or 102 percent daily recommended dose. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant.

Thus it protects infectious agents and dangerous free radicals.

  • Treats constipation

The Malabar spinach leaves are helpful for the treatment of constipation in children and pregnant women.

  • It Slowers the aging process

Do you want to reverse your age? Free radicals are a source of pre-aging as they damage the skin. Malabar spinach has antioxidants that destroy all free radicals. This spinach can help keep your skin fresh and slow down age-related degeneration. You will look young.

  • Relaxes your body

Malabar spinach Contains zinc and magnesium in it. It helps you have a sound sleep and effective healing. It boosts your energy. Thus it relaxes your body.

How to use Malabar spinach at home?

You can either use Malabar spinach as a raw salad or a stand-alone vegetable. You can add it to soups or stews. Steamed Malabar is more effective.

  • Vegan Butter Malabar spinach

This dish is an easy-to-make dish that is healthy too. You can make this recipe at home in a short time.

Put some water in a deep pan. Heat it on medium flame. Add some \ leaves. Steam it till leaves become tender and wilted. Rinse the remaining liquid. Put vegan butter in a pan and melt it. Add spinach, salt, and pepper. Braise for a few minutes with liquid from butter. Turn off the stove. Shift it in a bowl. Add some lime juice for flavor.

  • Malabar spinach curry

A delicious dish as it contains all the traditional curry flavors with a creamy consistency.

You will have to add spices, jaggery, and tamarind so that it gives a sweet and tangy flavor. This dish can be served as a wholesome meal.

  • Malabar spinach fitters

You can use Malabar spinach in any kind of recipe without any doubt, like these fritters. Fritter batter is made of chickpeas flour and water.

You can add seasoning like cumin, red chilies, pepper, and Tumeric. Now the leaves are battered and added to the hot pan containing frying oil. You can make this recipe in just 5-10 minutes. 

  • Malabar spinach salad.

You can make a Malabar spinach salad, and use almonds to give them a good texture or savory taste. Also, add slices of cucumbers. The dressing for this salad is olive oil, lemon juice, maple syrup, Italian seasoning, and salt.

It has a high quantity of oxalate in it that can bind with calcium and iron. Thus it makes your body absorb less important nutrients for some time.


Malabar spinach is a beneficial food because it helps to prevent a large number of diseases such as high blood pressure, cancer, and high blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, prevents depression, slower the aging process, and improves eyesight. Additionally, it strengthens the bones, prevents dementia, reduces stress, helps in weight loss, etc

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malabar spinach on a trellis

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