Yucca salad is a quick, delicious, and easy side recipe with so many nutritional benefits. You can easily prepare it for your busy day in minutes. Also, it’s low-calorie, and you can add any toppings or ingredients of your choice to explore your tastebuds. 


I have an interesting bonding with yucca as it is delicious and good for my healthy weight loss journey. It’s a simple salad, yet it makes me feel fuller for a long time.  


I love my version of yucca salad and shared my recipe with you all. However, you can always try to add some changes to make a suitable texture for you and your family. 

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Yuca salad in a black bowl

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Yucca Health Benefits


Yucca root is commonly known as cassava root, a staple crop that feeds hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Yucca root is a long, dark brown tuber that appears like a hybrid between a potato and a sweet potato in many aspects. 


It’s also high in nutrients and has numerous health benefits. The vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants included in yuccas can be beneficial to one’s health. Here are some health benefits of yucca


Improves Heart Health


Yucca is high in vitamin C and folate, both of which are very essential for heart health. Consuming yucca and other tubers such as potatoes instead of rice or wheat flour can help you get more potassium and protect your heart. 


Potassium is important for blood pressure regulation, and it also lowers the risks of stroke and heart disease.


Heals Wounds


It is well known that getting enough vitamin C aids wound healing. Choosing yucca and a variety of fruits and vegetables helps our body heal after an infection or injury. A cup of yucca has roughly 42 milligrams of vitamin C, and one whole root contains the double amount of vitamin C.


Boosts Eye Health


Scientists have managed to produce several varieties of yucca which are high in carotenoids. Carotenoids and vitamin A from yuccas can be beneficial for any age people’s health and especially boosts our eye health. 


Prevent Iron-Deficiency Anemia


Iron can be fortified in yucca, and it can decrease iron deficiency. The vitamin C from it can also boost plant-based iron absorption. Iron deficiency anemia is very common in children and women of childbearing age. 


Aids The Production of Breast Milk


When breastfeeding, starchy meals like oats, bread, sweet potatoes, pasta, and rice are frequently suggested to assist in enhancing milk production. Yucca is another complex carbohydrate with a high starch and nutrient content. 


Decreases The Risk of Cancer


Beta-carotene and several other antioxidants are highly present in yucca, giving its color. Beta-carotene and saponin antioxidants have been shown to combat free radicals, harming our cells and leading to cancer.

yuca root vegetables

What is Gluten?


Gluten is a protein structure that is generally found in grains such as wheat, spelled, barley, rye, and contaminated oats. Gluten acts like glue and is primarily known to give the dough its elastic texture. So it helps foods to keep their shape.


Many diseases are linked to gluten, and it’s estimated that over 99% of sufferers with celiac disease or gluten intolerance go undiagnosed.

The three main types of gluten allergies are celiac disease, gluten intolerance/sensitivity, and wheat allergies.


It’s been hectic lately and doesn’t see it slowing down for a while now. I’m excited to be out and about and meeting so many wonderful people. Last summer, I stayed in to unpack and work on my cookbook. 


This summer, I’m doing workshops, cooking classes, exercise classes, and selling my skincare products. Last Thursday, I had a wonderful time at the Lancaster library presenting “The Dangers of Gluten.”


Gluten Sensitivity Symptoms


The main issues with gluten sensitivity are headaches or migraines, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, bloating, Chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, numbness, bone or joint pain, eczema or rash, weight gain, and PMS.


I then discussed the various reasons why eating wheat causes negative reactions in this country.


  • Modern wheat vs. ancient wheat.
  • Modern wheat is high in amylopectin A.
  • The overconsumption of wheat – wheat is eaten for breakfast, lunch, and supper.
  • Gut dysbiosis.
  • It uses glyphosate (Roundup) before harvesting wheat.
  • Antibiotics wipe out beneficial bacteria, resulting in inflammation and intestinal permeability or leaky gut. A leaky gut causes protein or unprocessed foods (including gliadin protein from wheat) to get into the bloodstream, causing an allergic response.
  • Gluten sensitivity and dairy


I also spoke about the obvious grains that contain gluten and hidden foods with gluten, such as soy sauce, soup bases, gravies, candies, beer, etc.


I’m looking forward to my next presentation will be, ‘How to Determine If You Have Food Sensitivities.’


Why Do We love Yucca Salad So Much?


Anyway, back to my yucca salad. Yucca root, also known as cassava or manioc, is similar to potatoes and can easily be used as a substitute for potatoes in your recipes. It is grown in the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, and Latin America. 


Growing up in Jamaica, we always had a plant that my mother used to make starch and cassava pone. It is also popularly used to make bammy, a traditional Jamaican flatbread or pancake.  Now I enjoy it boiled, then used to make this salad or sautéed with onions and lime juice.


Yucca has white flesh with thick dark brown skin that looks like tree bark. It is low in sodium, fat-free, and high in carbohydrates and vitamin C. I usually purchase mine here in the USA in the frozen section of Asia, West Indian, or African supermarkets. 


I have also seen it fresh in the International section of the grocery stores. I now prefer to purchase it in the freezer sections because it’s already peeled and ready to cook.


My husband is crazy about my yucca salad recipe, so I decided to share it with you all. This is a perfect substitute for potato salad, and it’s not only delicious but creamy! This recipe is a great alternative for those who suffer from autoimmune diseases, especially rheumatoid arthritis, and avoid nightshades. Please leave out red bell pepper also, for its also nightshade!

yuca salad ingredients on grey background

Yucca Salad (Cassava Salad) Ingredients’

  • Yucca (cassava) – make sure to choose a tuber that is not bruised or has any soft spots. For fresh yucca, the flesh should be pearly white without grey or black lines or streaks.  peeled and chopped if using fresh
  •  Vegan Mayonnaise  – use store-bought or this One
  • Red onion – finely chopped, if the red onion is not available then use white or yellow onion.
  • Red bell pepper –  finely chopped, you can use multi-colored bell peppers for a vibrant look.
  • Green onion – finely sliced
  • Celery – finely chopped
  • Lemon juice – you can substitute for lime juice
  • Sea salt -to taste
  • Pinch cayenne pepper

How to Peel Yucca? 


Peeling yucca is very easy, especially for those who know this ingredient. The suggestion is for those who are new to this amazing root vegetable. Yucca has thick brown skin, which is essential to peel off before using to get the crispy flesh inside. 


To peel yucca, get a sharp knife or paring knife to take out the peel and the inner core. The edible part of yucca is the core part of the root, and the middle part of it can be edible after cooking. To cut it,


  • Cut the ends of each side of the yucca and discard it. 
  • Chop them into smaller pieces, about 2 inches each, so that you can easily peel the skin.    
  • Both of the thin brown skin of yucca should be scored, and also the thicker pink peel needs to be scored too by using the tip of a paring knife.
  • Take out the peel with your hand; it will be easy to take out. 
  • Wash the yucca with running water and chop them into chunks before adding them to your salad.

How To Prepare Yuca Salad

  • Place yucca chunks in a large pot with water to cover. Bring to boil on medium-high heat. 
  • Reduce heat to simmer for 15-20 minutes or until yucca is tender. Remove from heat, and drain using a colander.
  • When yucca is cool enough to handle, chop yucca into small cubes and place it into a large bowl. 
  • Add red onion, red bell pepper, green onion, celery, lemon juice, salt, cayenne pepper, and mayonnaise, Toss well, and serve immediately or refrigerate.

How to Store Yucca? 


When you are buying yucca, look for well-shaped tubers with flawless peels and fresh scents. You can store unpeeled yucca in a cool, dark, and dry place for up to one week.   


Peeled yucca can be stored in water in the refrigerator for at least one month. But you need to change the water every two days. Another way is to tightly wrap them and frozen for several months. 

Serving Suggestions for Yucca Salad


  • A typical yucca salad will go perfect with lettuce, kale, spinach, etc. You can also add carrots, onions, celery, cucumber, and broccoli. 
  • Nuts and seeds will go perfect with a salad like walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds. 
  • Yucca salad with dried fruits combo is so delicious! Add some cranberries, raisins, apricots, or mango as a topping to get some sweetness with various nutritional benefits. 
  • You can add some tofu, beans, and legumes to get plant-based protein to your diet. 
  • You can have yucca salad beside some brown rice, cilantro-lime rice, cauliflower fried rice, etc.
  • You can use fresh fruit like berries, apples, cherries, tomatoes, avocado, etc. 
  • Use shredded hard vegan cheese or soft cheese on top of the salad, adding more flavors and nutrition.  

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close up yuca salad recipe

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(Per serving)
  • Energy: 169 kcal / 706 kJ
  • Fat: 3.6 g
  • Protein: 3.5 g
  • Carbs: 30.8 g

Cook Time

  • Preparation: 15 min
  • Cooking: 20 min
  • Ready in: 35 min
  • For: 4 servings



  1. Place yucca chunks in a large pot with water to cover. Bring to boil on medium-high heat. 
  2. Reduce heat to simmer for 15-20 minutes or until yucca is tender. Remove from heat, and drain using a colander. 
  3. When yucca is cool enough to handle, chop yucca into small cubes and place it into a large bowl. 
  4. Add red onion, red bell pepper, green onion, celery, lemon juice, salt, cayenne pepper, and mayonnaise, Toss well, and serve immediately or refrigerate.
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