What Is An Alkaline Diet?

We could say that everybody in the world knows about the vegetarian and the vegan diet, but not everyone is familiar with Alkaline food. So what is an alkaline diet?

The basis of this so-called diet is that Alkaline are all foods with a nonacid PH.

Obviously, it is not so easy to know if a food is an acid or alkaline just by the look of it, that’s why we need to rely on some of the known literature to get some guidance unless we’re ready to test ourselves on every single food available in nature.

Dr. Sebi: Alkaline Diet

One of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to Alkaline food is Dr. Sebi. He spent most of his life studying Alkaline food and putting together a list of natural foods that would benefit the overall health of people.

In fact, Dr. Sebi’s theory is based on the fact that illnesses and diseases can only survive and grow in an acid environment. This is why eating Alkaline is important to keep the body healthy and can also help in curing the body. Alkaline food would create an internal environment where the disease won’t be able to survive.

Another important fact highlighted by Dr. Sebi is that in a living body electricity is what keeps the nervous system healthy, active, and well functioning. For this reason, he talks specifically about electric cell foods, which are not only alkaline, but they are also a source of life.

A living body cannot be sustained by any dead food, such as meat or fish. Only original natural foods have so-called electric cells which are able to give the right living energy and vibrations to our body, mind, and soul.

That’s why not only fish and meat are banned from the Alkaline diet, but also all those vegetables that are hybrid and not original or naturally available. 

For this reason, Dr. Sebi has created a specific list of Alkaline Vegan foods that satisfy all these characteristics and have high levels of minerals and nutrients that can keep the body healthy.

Alkaline Food List

Just to mention some of the most nutritional ones, beginning with grains: Amaranth, Quinoa, Fonio and Teff are all very rich in iron. They are available both in a grain and flour form that can be used to make homemade bread and cakes, instead of the common flour which is too rich in starch and therefore not good for the body. 

Among vegetables: Amaranth Greens, avocado, kale, watercress are also very rich in iron and minerals. Also, some sea vegetables like wakame and Sea Moss, which have most of the nutrients that the body needs. 

Nuts and seeds are also very important in the Alkaline diet, for example, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, and walnuts. 

Fruit in the Alkaline diet is considered the substitute for sweets and is also an important source of minerals to the body. Just to mention a few: bananas, apples, grapes, lime, mango, and dates will all bring to the body a high nutritional value.

The list of Alkaline foods available is more complete than just a few mentioned above and varies according to the country and area you are living in. We can add more fruit and vegetables which we know originated from our own country, and therefore can be considered as original foods.

Alkaline Meals? All Fresh!

All pre-made foods are absolutely banned from the Alkaline diet, therefore to become alkaline you would have to prepare yourself all your meals. This entails quite a big effort in the kitchen. However, there’s no reason to be worried about it, as within a few weeks you should find yourself growing accustomed to new processes, making cooking a lot easier and tastier.

More and more people are embracing the Alkaline diet every day, and it is recently becoming more famous also among sportspeople. It is found to give high energy levels, a more clear mind and it also seems to help prevent the body from injuries and little illnesses that would slow down regular training.

We could keep listing a lot more reasons why the Alkaline diet is beneficial to our living, but it would never be enough. The best way to understand all the benefits is just to give it a try yourself, and more than likely you won’t want to give it up.

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