Worcestershire sauce has a taste similar to that of savory meat dishes and is frequently utilized in the preparation of savory vegan foods. But is Worcestershire sauce gluten free?

There is a good probability that you have unknowingly consumed Worcestershire sauce. This is because savory dishes often include Worcestershire sauce.

If you are adhering to a diet that does not include gluten, you need to be wary of the possibility that gluten may be concealed in Worcestershire sauce.

When Worcestershire sauce contains soy sauce or malt vinegar, then people who have gluten sensitivity cannot consume it. If there is no indication otherwise, then it is safe to consume.

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What is Worcestershire sauce?

Two chemists working in Worcester, England, around the year 1835 came up with the recipe for Worcestershire sauce.

A fermented savory sauce, Worcestershire sauce is comparable to fish sauce and soy sauce in terms of its fermentation process.

Vinegar, anchovies, molasses, tamarind, onion, garlic, and a variety of additional flavors are the key components of this condiment.

There are several varieties of Worcestershire sauce, and many of them use soy sauce as a component. Now, there are a few brands that make vegan Worcestershire sauce.

How is Worcestershire sauce made?

The traditional ingredients for Worcestershire sauce include vinegar, molasses, anchovies, garlic, tamarind extract, sugar, and salt, in addition to a variety of additional flavorings, most likely including herbs and spices.

Despite the fact that these are the original components, it is essential to keep in mind that the proportions of these components might vary depending on the recipe and the brand.

Some types of Worcestershire sauce are made with white distilled vinegar, whereas others, for example, make use of malt vinegar made from barley.

There is a possibility that you may discover more herbs or spices, such as black pepper, allspice, nutmeg, and cloves among them. Even soy can turn up occasionally!

The consistency may also be altered by the addition of preservatives or other substances that are considered additives. Xanthan gum and cornstarch are two examples of such ingredients.

In addition, even with products and recipes that stick to the original components, the proportions of those elements might vary from one instance to the next.

Is Worcestershire sauce gluten-free?

You might be shocked to learn that Worcestershire sauce is available in three primary flavors: vegan, gluten-free, and reduced sodium.

So, the answer to this question is it depends. You can use Worcestershire sauce if it is marked as gluten-free.

Instead of the more frequent malt vinegar, gluten-free Worcestershire is basically made of distilled white vinegar.

Organic gluten free vegan Worcestershire sauce from The Wizards:

In the United States, there are a few gluten-free Worcestershire sauce brands that are widely available. However, this sauce is the only one that is officially vegan and gluten free.

If you’re looking for a gluten-free and vegan Worcestershire sauce, this is your best bet (short of making your own).

Worcestershire sauce produced with apple cider vinegar, tamari (gluten-free soy sauce), organic molasses, cane juice, tamarind, and numerous organic spices is available under the Wizard’s brand, which is held by the organic label Edward & Sons.

It’s worth noting that Edward & Sons manufactures two types of Worcestershire sauce. Because the Original Organic Vegan Worcestershire contains wheat-based soy sauce, be sure you choose the GF/CF (gluten-free/casein-free) variation. 

More Worcestershire sauce brands:

While they may not have the “gluten-free” label, these Worcestershire sauce products contain no gluten and may be suitable for persons following a gluten-free diet. Purchase and eat with care, as the cross-contamination with gluten-containing items is possible.

365 Everyday Value

Whole Foods’ in-store house brand is 365 Everyday Value. Organic Worcestershire sauce from this brand contains organic white vinegar (which can be generated from gluten grains), organic molasses, organic cane sugar, organic caramel color, and a variety of organic spices.

The product has no gluten but is not labeled gluten-free. It states that the product is manufactured at a facility that also processes wheat and other allergies.


This Worcestershire sauce is made from white distilled vinegar (made from maize or grain), molasses, high-fructose corn syrup, non-wheat-based soy sauce, and a variety of spices.

The Kraft Heinz business policy is to explicitly list gluten sources, and this sauce has none. However, the firm does not consider it gluten-free due to the risk of undeclared gluten in materials sourced from other distributors and gluten cross-contamination during processing.

Worcestershire sauce in a bowl with spoon and bottle over white background, top view

What does Worcestershire sauce taste like?

Worcestershire sauce has a savory flavor similar to soy sauce. As a result, some manufacturers who want to develop a vegan version use soy sauce (soybeans) instead of anchovies (fish sauce).

However, there’s more to it. It has a sweet, sour, and spicy flavor profile. Sweet from the molasses and sugar, sour from the vinegar, and fiery from the chili pepper essence.

  • It’s known as a taste booster, and it’s used to enhance or intensify the flavor of specific meals.
  • The sauce goes well with spicy marinades, such as with cauliflower or tofu steak.
  • It is also great in a stew, chili, shepherd’s pie, or lentil loaf.
  • It is excellent for seasoning tomato-based recipes such as marinara or bolognese.

How to tell if Worcestershire sauce is gluten free?

It’s usually safest to presume that a certain brand of Worcestershire sauce isn’t gluten-free and then do some research to find out.

To do this, try the following:

1. Visit the brand’s website

All brands should have a product page that describes the product, its components, and any possible allergies.

Some businesses make this extremely apparent and visible. Others are less enthusiastic. In either case, you should be able to swiftly determine whether a specific brand is safe or requires more examination.

2. Examine the packaging

You may also inspect the goods packed directly. This may be done at a store or on the internet, since you can usually find labels that people photograph. When inspecting, you’ll obviously want to search for the big culprits – barley, wheat, and so on.

3. Contact the company

I tried this with Heinz Worcestershire sauce; I called the consumer hotline immediately. All you have to do is ask them. They’ll have product information to hand to confirm.

They should be able to tell you if their sauce contains gluten. Or, at the absolute least, come back to you as soon as they can confirm.

Is Worcestershire sauce vegan?

No, not always! Anchovies or fish sauce are common components. As a result, the original Worcestershire sauce recipe is neither vegan nor vegetarian.

However, because the original recipe was not copyrighted, some imitation manufacturers have chosen not to incorporate any fish-related components. The flavor may change somewhat, but they strive to be as near to the original as possible.


It is at times. Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn’t. Not a great answer, especially if you’re on the go. However, arguably the most telling sign that a Worcestershire sauce is gluten-free is when it is produced with distilled white vinegar rather than malt vinegar.

Of course, this isn’t the only thing to look for or consider, but it’s an excellent starting point. To summarize, it is always best to double-check. Examine the ingredient list carefully or speak with the manufacturer directly. 

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