Nuts are a healthy snack. Not only are they convenient to eat, but they also are a great source of healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Let’s learn about different types of nuts! Below are 25 types of nuts.


Very popular amongst the squirrels, acorns are beneficial for humans too. They are consumed by removing the bitter tannins. This is done through leaching it out with the help of boiling water.


Almonds are one of the healthiest kinds of nuts, and perfect for a heart-healthy, nutrient-dense snack.

They are a good source of magnesium, vitamin E, fiber, protein, healthy fats, and protective antioxidants.

Daily consumption of almonds may promote brain function, improve bone health, lower cholesterol levels, improve heart health, boost energy levels, maintain a healthy weight, improve diabetes, and boost gut health.

Whether you eat them raw, roasted or include them in your daily cooking as flour, oil, or milk, almonds can play a more significant role in improving your health and wellbeing.

Baru Nuts

A peanut look-alike, Baru nuts belong to the legume family. Their taste is similar to that of cashew and peanut, although they are a little hard in texture. They also have nutritional benefits. They are packed with vitamin E, potassium, zinc, vitamin E, and fiber.

Beech Nuts

beech nuts on a wooden background

Beech nuts are not only incredible in taste but also highly nutritious. These are nuts produced by beech trees. They are consumed in cooked form because raw beech nuts contain the toxin saponin glycoside that is harmful for the stomach.

Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are one of the foods that is richest in selenium. These nuts are also high in other micronutrients, for example, copper, zinc, and magnesium. Moreover, they have fatty acids and incredible protein content.

Bunya Nuts

bunya nuts isolated on white background

Bunya nuts go way back. They were an important food source in Queensland.

Bunya resembles a potato’s shape. They are used in baking goods, and can also be consumed in roasted or raw form.


Cacao is famous because of its by-product; chocolate. Although cacao seeds, if eaten raw, taste really bitter, their taste is enhanced when blended with sugar, milk (even non-dairy alternatives), and other ingredients. This is actually how chocolate is made out of bitter-tasting cacao seeds.


cashews on a white background

Although cashews have always been referred to as a nut, they truly are not a nut. They are seeds that grow underneath the cashew fruit.

However, they are popular as the most favorite nut because of their taste; the perfect blend of rich buttery flavor.

I love cashews and I always have a supply in my pantry, I love how they do not have a strong overpowering flavor like peanuts, nor are they as gritty as almonds in sauces. 

Cashews work beautifully as a dairy substitute for various sauces and desserts, since it makes the creamiest, thickest, richest cream when blended with water or other liquid.

You can use cashew cream to make thicker and creamier sauces, stews, soups. Make it a little thinner, then you can use it as a vegan substitute for Half and Half and heavy cream.

There is a difference between ‘raw’ cashews and roasted cashews.  Normally raw nuts are easier to digest when soaked because soaking reduces the phytic acid in them.

However, technically cashews aren’t fully raw, they are steamed and roasted during processing to neutralize the toxin resin called urushiol in the shell.

Urushiol can cause rashes, blisters, and burns if it comes in contact with the skin.


Chestnuts on white background

Chestnuts are a popular holiday delight. These nuts are not only delicious but also healthy; they consist of nutrients that are present in many starchy vegetables. Chestnuts when roasted transform into a velvety texture that melts in your mouth leaving your tastebuds mesmerized.


coconut in half on coconut leaves

Classified as a dry dupe, coconuts are an all-rounder. They are a nut, a fruit, and a seed. Coconut has an incredible taste and is extremely popular fo its low-carb quality. They are known for their water, oil, meat, and milk. Read more about Coconut Jelly!


Hazelnuts are well known for their taste. Most people claim that hazelnuts are irresistible. They are a popular part of different dishes. They can also be consumed in roasted form.

Hickory Nuts

Hickory nuts are rich and oily. Their taste is similar to that of pecan with a tough shell on the outside. They are developed on the trees of the class Carya that are found all through North America and Asia.

Karuka Nuts

Karuka Nuts come from the pandanas plant, commonly found in West Africa. They produce seeds that are oily and a great source of protein. Karuka nuts make a great substitute for coconut.

Macadamia Nuts

Say hello to one expensive nut, the macadamia nuts. They are popular for their creamy and buttery flavor. Even though they are high in fat, they have a relatively lower content of protein when compared to almonds and pistachios.

Macadamia nuts are tree nuts that have butter-like, subtle flavor, and creamy texture. These nuts are native to Australia, and now they are grown in many places around the world, such as Brazil, Hawaii, Costa Rica, and New Zealand. All macadamia nuts are very rich in nutrients and beneficial compounds.

They are also related to improving digestion, weight management, heart health, and blood sugar control. Macadamia nuts can be eaten by cooking in many recipes, or they can be consumed raw. These nuts primarily have monounsaturated fat, which alone has many health benefits.


Very popular in American desserts, pecans are actually one of the most delicious and healthy members of the nut family. Pecans are slightly bitter on the outside but have a sweet and buttery taste on the inside. The rich butter flavor makes them a great ingredient for desserts.

Apart from their taste, they are also extremely healthy; they are a treat full of nutrients such as thiamine, fiber, zinc, and copper. What’s not to like?

There are many benefits to be had from consuming pecans. Pecans are referred to as nuts which contain the highest level of antioxidants. This helps to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Manganese is also useful in assisting with brain and nerve function by increasing immunity and providing additional protection from infectious disease. 

Pecans are considered to be heart healthy. It is said that the addition of 1.5 ounces of pecans to the diet per day can reduce the risk of heart disease.

The amino acid, L-arginine is very important in making the walls of the artery less prone to blood clots. As a result of this, circulation increases, and more blood is able to reach the hair roots, thus promoting growth.

Of course, I had to make my own gluten free vegan version of the most quintessential American dish made with pecans, which is Pecan Pie of course!

Paradise Nuts

Belonging to the Lecythis Usitata trees of the Amazonian forest of Brazil, Paradise nuts are a great source of antioxidants. They are large in size, about the size of coconut before the nut is produced.


Well, time to burst your bubble, peanuts are not actually nuts… They are legumes! Peanuts actually belong to the same family as lentils, soybeans, and other legumes. They are a great source of fiber and unsaturated fats.

Peanuts are also super high in protein. This high protein content is actually responsible for causing allergies in some people. However, if you are looking for plant-based protein, peanuts won’t disappoint you at all.

Another amazing fact about peanuts is that it is very low in carbohydrates. As a result, it has a low glycemic index, making it a perfect food for people who have diabetes (substitute with coconut sugar when making peanut drops).

Since it is high in folate, it is an essential food during pregnancy and supports the healthy development of the fetus.

Moreover, peanuts are also rich in several plant-based compounds or anti-oxidants. Most of these antioxidants are found in the dark brown skin of peanuts. These anti-oxidants maintain the healthy functioning of the body and protect it against several diseases like cancer, etc.

Lastly, it is also rich in dietary fiber. Therefore, peanuts are also associated with weight loss and weight management. It makes you feel full for longer and also helps in burning fat.

Pine nuts

As the name suggests, these nuts are the seeds of pine trees that you can eat. You need to remove the pinecone and the shell before consuming pine nuts. They make great ingredients for savory dishes.

Pine nuts have a distinct flavor mostly commonly found in pestos, where it compliments basil beautifully in one of the best creations out of Italy.


pistachio isolated on white background

Pistachios, apart from their taste, are also known for their health benefits. They are a low-calorie, high-protein snack that has healthy fats, fiber, and antioxidants. This makes them a good, healthy snack.

A great thing about snacking on pistachios is that they are one of the only nuts commonly sold in their shells, because of the relative ease in opening them. This makes pistachios perfect for snacking without mindlessly consuming a whole lot, since the action of shelling them for eating slows you down.

Pistachios have a distinctly complex but perfectly nutty flavor. I absolutely love adding them to cookies, cakes, ice cream and pies! For instance, try this Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti.

Soy Nuts

Soy nuts are another family that does not belong to the nut family. They are soybeans that have been water, baked, drained, or roasted, and have a nutty texture. Like soybeans, they are also known for their health benefits. They are rich in plant protein, fiber, isoflavones, and nutrients.

 Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are extremely healthy and can be eaten as a snack. They have a high content of healthy fats, plant compounds, minerals, and vitamins. Their flavor is a mild nutty flavor with a tender texture. They are enjoyed raw as well as in the roasted form.

Tiger Nuts

tiger nuts

As the name suggests, these nuts have a tiger-striped exterior. This is another nut that does not belong to the nut family. They are tubers that have a taste similar to that of coconut and almond. Read More About Tiger Nut Nutrition And Benefits.


Walnuts are the healthiest of nuts, as proved by science. Different researches were conducted where walnuts were tested for their health content. The results showed that walnuts have twice the amount of antioxidants that any other nut contains.

Watermelon Seeds

Watermelons are everyone’s favorite summer treat. But did you know watermelon seeds are actually a nut? Although most people spit it out, they are edible and delicious. They can be eaten raw as well as in the roasted form. They are crispy and a great source of vitamins and minerals.

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