How to Cut Potatoes Into Fries

Want some fresh French fries you made yourself? Learn how to cut potatoes into fries and make the best of these crispy treats at home!

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How to cut potatoes into fries?

It’s a treat to have these greasy treats from a local drive-through but sometimes having homemade fries sounds like a delicious idea.

It doesn’t matter if you are deep-frying, roasting, or even air-frying fries, but it’s essential to know how to cut French fries properly.

There isn’t any correct or wrong way to cut perfectly shaped fries, but learning how to cut them as easily and quickly as possible is ideal. Keep reading to find out how to cut French fries.

Recipes for homemade fries:

Oven Baked BBQ Fries

Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

Cilantro Fries

Air Fryer Fries

Equipment required to cut potatoes into fries:

  • Grab your wooden cutting boards; these are reliable and relatively safe to use.
  • Peeler is also important because it’ll help you peel off the potato skin, essential to making the best fries.
  • A Chef’s Knife is the top tool in anyone’s kitchen because it has a smooth blade which means you can chop any vegetable easily and perfectly.

freshly cut potatoes on cutting board and fresh fries in basket

 Now that you have these things, remember, an easy fix for your cutting board to stay put is by putting a paper towel below it.

This means it won’t move, and you can smoothly cut your French fries. Excited to learn how to cut french fries; keep reading!

1.   Peeling the potatoes:

Start by peeling your potatoes and take off all the potato skin until you see the inner part of the potato.

2.    Washing and patting dry:

Grab a bowl and start washing them thoroughly, so your potatoes don’t have any dirt on them. Using the paper towel available in your kitchen, you can pat dry these potatoes to begin cutting.

3.   Slicing the potato:

Now let’s begin cutting; grab your knife and start by placing the potato on the board. Start by slicing the potato but make sure the slice isn’t very thick and very thin; it should be the perfect base to cut the fries.

4.   Cutting fries:

After cutting slices of your properly sized potatoes, grab one of the slices and place it flat on the board. Now using your chef’s knife, start by cutting it in equal slabs.

Remember, the thickness and the thinness of your fries will be determined from your slabs too. So make sure they are adequately sized. Quarter-inch is an ideal size for slabs to make the fries look perfect.

5.   Aiming for perfection:

Want your fries to turn out like the ones at your favorite diner or fast food place? Here’s what you can do.

Align all the slabs together on the chopping board and cut off the excess from both sides. This gives them the perfect size and makes your fries look delicious and ready to be cooked.

6.   Soak up in the water:

After cutting your fries, remember to keep your fries in cold water for a bit to avoid discoloration and oxidation of the potato.

How to freeze raw potato?

Have some leftover fries and uncooked fries that you plan to store to enjoy later? Here’s a tip: freeze them.

That’s right, you can quickly freeze your fries, but first, grab parchment paper and on a tray transfer all the leftover fries, and freeze until they are solid.

The ideal time would be 6 hours. You can also keep them overnight, and in the morning, you can quickly transfer those frozen fries into a zip lock bag that you can store in your freezer.

Make use of these fries later! They’ll still taste yummy and a perfect evening snack!

freshly cut potatoes on cutting board and fresh fries in basket

How to make crispy homemade french fries?

There is a secret to making the perfect crispy French fries at home, and we are about to share that with you.

After learning how to cut your French fries, it’s also significant to know how to make the best fries. Getting the best potatoes is essential; remember to avoid potatoes that may seem waxy.

Preferably, get russet potatoes or a similar variety. They make the best fries because they have the least amount of moisture in them. Say goodbye to sogginess!

  • Prepping the potatoes properly brings out your A-game in making the best fries. Fill a big bowl with cold water or regular water and add lots of ice to it.
  • After this, add some lemon juice, approximately a tablespoon of it, into the water. Keep transferring the fries that you have cut into this water and lemon mixture bowl. Now you’ll notice the fries don’t change color. That’s because the minor acid in the water keeps the potatoes nice and white.
  • Now, rinse them in cold water in a bowl until you see the water turning clear; this is a way to flush the starch from the potatoes.
  • Add another tablespoon of lemon juice to the previous mixture and keep your fries in the fridge for approximately 30 minutes; this helps make them taste the best. Try it out and let us know!

Takeaway on how to cut potatoes into fries:

Are you someone who enjoys good crispy french fries cut to perfection? Well, here is a chance to make yours!

Start by learning how to cut french fries and then a few tips to make the best fries and make them right now! Have a yummy fry-day!

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