Vegan Jackfruit Stew

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Vegan Jackfruit Stew bursting with flavors, a perfect comfort stew that tastes amazing! Jackfruit cooked with aromatic herbs and spices with carrots, onion, garlic, bell pepper, and celery.

Vegan Jackfruit Stew


Vegan Jackfruit Stew in Pot

I made this delicious Vegan Jackfruit Stew seasoned with onion, garlic, celery, pepper, and herbs. It is hearty and delicious served with rice, potato or quinoa with a garden salad. I love to make vegan stews so check out my Chickpea Stew (Vegan, Gluten-free), and  Jamaican Stew Peas with Dumplings Spinners (Vegan).

Vegan Jackfruit Recipe

What Is Jackfruit?

Jackfruit is a large fruit, a species of the mulberry, fig, breadfruit family and it a native to India. The ripe and unripe fruit is used in Asian cuisines. It is a popular meat substitute and it has become a fast-growing trendy food here in the USA

The ripened fruit of the jackfruit is sweet, it is used as a dessert in pies, custard, cakes and ice cream. The unripe fruit of the young green jackfruit is used in savory recipes because its texture is like that of poultry.  to prepare curries, pulled pork alternative. Jackfruit is also healthy, low in calories, fat and high in fiber. Jackfruit contains 3 grams of fiber per serving.

Vegan Jackfruit Stew

This is a simple recipe for Jackfruit Stew,  that tastes great, and it is colorful and vibrant. I love green jackfruit's texture. This recipe reminds me of the brown stews that I had growing up in Jamaica made with beef or chicken. I'm so happy that no animals were harmed in making my Vegan Jackfruit Stew, and it tastes so delicious.

For this recipe, I used jackfruit in the can but you can use fresh jackfruit if that's what available. Here is a TUTORIAL on preparing fresh green jackfruit.

Serve this delicious Jackfruit Stew recipe with my Corn Bread And Southern-Style Greens or with Mashed Potatoes.

Vegan Jackfruit Stew overhead photo, stew in light blue bowl

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103 kcal / 431 kJ
5 g
4 g
0 g
Per portion

Cooking Time

15 min
20 min
Ready in:
40 min
4 servings



  1. Heat oil in a skillet on medium-high, add onion and cook until soft, about 3 minutes.
  2. Add garlic, celery. bell pepper, thyme, Italian seasoning and cook for about 1-minute stirring.
  3. Stir in tomatoes and cook stirring for another minute
  4. Add green jackfruit, Bragg's liquid aminos, ketchup, carrot and stir to coat with seasonings.
  5. Add broth, bay leaf, coconut sugar, allspice and cayenne pepper. Bring stew to boil. Reduce heat to simmer for about 15-20 minutes or until jackfruit is tender. Use a fork and shred some of the jackfruits.
  6. Mix cornstarch with water until completely dissolved. Add to stew and stir until the sauce is thickened.
  7. Delicious served with rice, potatoes, quinoa or on its own with a salad or greens.


Vegan Jackfruit Stew

Michelle Blackwood, RN

Hi, I’m Michelle, I’m the voice, content creator and photographer behind Healthier Steps. I share vegan and gluten-free recipes because of past health issues. My goal is to help you make healthier choices and show you how healthy eating is easy and delicious.

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  1. Monica McIntyre
    June 2, 2019

    I made it but instead of ketchup I used tomato sauce.

  2. Javaughn
    April 10, 2019


  3. Yvonne
    April 7, 2019

    Tried the green jackfruit stew, DELICIOUS!! thanks for sharing

  4. Tola
    October 28, 2018

    This is my new favorite! I cooked it exactly as written and it is so good. Thank you!!

    • Michelle Blackwood
      October 28, 2018

      Tola, I’m happy you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for sharing your feedback.

  5. Sandy Edwards
    June 20, 2018

    I made a thicker version and put a pastry top on it. Everyone loved it, including my meat-eating husband

    • Michelle Blackwood
      June 20, 2018

      Hello Sandy, that is wonderful. I’m so happy everyone loved it. That is such a great idea to put the pastry on top.

    • Melissa
      October 26, 2019

      Wow Sandy that sounds sooooo delicious!, thanks for the inspiration!!

  6. Brenda
    February 26, 2018

    The jackfruit curry recipe keeps bringing up this recipe,

    • Michelle Blackwood
      February 26, 2018

      Let me see what’s wrong

  7. Brenda
    February 26, 2018

    Thank you for your quick response. I made this for dinner and my husband and I loved it, especially the calorie count! It was
    delicious ?

  8. Brenda
    February 26, 2018

    The recipe says 14 servings. Is it suppose to be 4? I’m getting ready to make it now and can’t see that being 14 servings.

    • Michelle Blackwood
      February 26, 2018

      Wow, Brenda, so happy you caught it. Yes, definitely 4. Thank you.

  9. Vera
    January 21, 2018

    Looks so hearty and delicious

  10. Camille McKenzie
    November 22, 2017

    Hi Michelle! I made this recipe tonight for the first time and it was excellent! It was a delicious stew as you promised!
    5 stars!

  11. Stephanie
    October 24, 2017

    Is it me or there’s carrots mention at no4 (instructions) but it doesn’t figure in the ingredients list ?

    • Michelle Blackwood
      October 24, 2017

      It is there, at number 12 Stephanie in the ingredient list!