What is jackfruit?

A jackfruit tree produces one of the largest fruits in the world, and it has long been popular in Southeast Asia. The trees may reach 80 feet, and each fruit can weigh up to 100 pounds. It is becoming increasingly popular in the United States, where many people use it as a meat alternative. Since it is eaten when both green and ripe, but for different purposes, it is essential to know how to tell if jackfruit is ripe.

When cooking with jackfruit, it absorbs flavors and has a texture similar to shredded chicken or pulled pork, making it ideal for vegetarians who wish to experience delectable meals without eating animals.

The most crucial thing to know is that your jackfruit is ripe and ready to consume.

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Where does jackfruit grow?

The jackfruit originated in India and Malaysia, where it is still widely farmed. However, they have long been planted and farmed all over the world. They thrive in lowland tropical and subtropical environments.

This wonderful fruit is grown in many locations, including Africa, Brazil, Australia, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and numerous Pacific islands. They thrive in Florida and Hawaii, both located in the United States. Besides being the national fruit of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, it is also the state fruit of Kerala.

Did you know that jackfruit is the world’s biggest tree fruit? That’s quite great! A tree can home to three huge jackfruits, and they can weigh up to 100 pounds (45kg).

These trees may grow to be 30 to 70 feet tall. This fruit tree is often grown from seeds rather than root material. It is difficult to transplant bigger saplings due to their long and sensitive taproot.

They usually begin bearing fruit around the fifth or sixth year when seeds grow. However, certain types may yield fruit sooner, while others may take much longer.

If you wish to try jackfruit, you can get it in most Asian markets in the United States. It’s also available canned in water or syrup. If you don’t want to buy the full fruit, the market will often have it chopped into smaller parts that you may purchase.

How to tell if jackfruit is ripe?

Before you try to eat jackfruit, make sure it’s ripe so you can enjoy its sweet yet unique flavor.

The following are some pointers to get you started:

1.   Check the color

Like other fruits on the market, jackfruits undergo various changes. One of these features is its color. The hue of unripe jackfruit is green. It normally begins as a pale green tint before changing to a dark tone as it matures. Following that, the jackfruit becomes a different color, golden brown.

It is possible to observe black stains on ripe jackfruits in rare situations. However, these do not usually influence the flavor quality. Unless, of course, the black spot results from a serious infection.

how to tell if jackfruit is ripe

2.   Hear the hollow sound

Another way to determine if jackfruit is ripe is by the sound it makes when you tap or bang on its body. Ripe jackfruit, like watermelon, produces a hollow sound. This indicates that the fruit has begun to mature. You must have an excellent sense of hearing for this advice. It also helps when tapping the jackfruit to make a hollow sound.

3.   Slightly soft to touch

If you’re wondering how to tell if jackfruit is ripe, utilize your sense of touch, despite its spiny skin.

Unripe jackfruit is not just green in appearance, but it is also a little rough to touch. When the fruit turns golden brown and becomes somewhat softer to the touch, it is most likely ripe.

Jackfruits are soft inside, which is why they ripen this way. Because of this, it is quite normal for them to become softer with ripeness.

4.   A strong bubblegum odor

If you’re not content with merely seeing the color or feeling the fruit, perhaps employing your sense of smell would assist. Many people claim that the best way to tell if jackfruit is ripe is to smell it. As previously said, jackfruit has a unique odor, and individuals have differing opinions about it.

It has a strong musky aroma that is also sticky and creamy. Thus, if you only smell the fruit or put your nose close to it, you can tell if it is ripe or not. Touching it and the color are two easy-to-see clues for folks who aren’t used to the jackfruit’s distinct fragrance.

5.   Lastly, taste

The flavor of jackfruit is determined by whether it is ripe or unripe. Ripe jackfruit has a flavor comparable to other tropical fruits like mango and pineapple.

When it is unripe, it has a more neutral flavor and absorbs the flavors of the other dishes with which it is cooked. If you cook it in soup, it will absorb the taste of the broth. As a result, it is comparable to chicken or pork, and performs well as a vegetarian option.

How to store jackfruit:

Jackfruit, like other fruits, will ripen while it sits on the counter. When it has turned yellow, it is ripe.

If you want to use it unripe, place it in the freezer straight away. You may also freeze it once you’ve sliced it open, and it will keep for approximately a month.

Other forms of jackfruit:

In addition to purchasing the fruits whole, you may also get them canned, frozen, or dried. When it is canned, they either put the ripe fruit in a sweet syrupy liquid, which is excellent if you want sweet jackfruit, or they put the green fruit in brine, which is fantastic if you want to use it in curry or a similar meaty meal. When used as a meat replacement, it should be green, tender, and young. Jackfruit comes in a variety of sizes.

They might be as tiny as two pounds or as huge as 40 to 80 pounds. Because larger fruits are bulky and harder to store, most people utilize smaller ones.

How to cook green jackfruit?

Unripe jackfruit is green and has the feel of shredded chicken. It may be used as a meat replacement in various cuisines, including barbecue and curry. It is often served with noodles and in salads.

Because it might produce a mess, you should cover your work area with newspapers. Cut the jackfruit in half and continue slicing it until you have huge chunks of the fruit. You may keep the green skin on it if you like. After you’ve finished slicing it, set the pieces of fruit in a pot of boiling water and cook for 45 minutes. The meat will soften and be stringy, resembling shredded chicken. For cooking it in around 10 minutes, you can also use a pressure cooker.

You may peel the skin of the jackfruit after it has been cooked. Then, remove any excess seeds and stringy meat. The seeds can be thrown aside, but they can be eaten if roasted.

Try Jackfruit Seed Curry!

Jackfruit seeds are also frequently roasted after the fruit has been prepared and then added to a salad. You may also make a powder out of them and add them to a smoothie, use them as flour, or consume them as a snack.

Green jackfruit recipes:

BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches

Jackfruit Carnitas

Instant Pot Jackfruit Potato Curry

Jackfruit Stew

How to cut jackfruit?

Man cutting a jackfruit in half lengthwise—The edible component of the jackfruit is on the interior and is shielded by a slew of other things. They might be difficult to cut through, although the riper ones are a little easier. There are various ways to cut into them, one of the most prevalent. Because the blade’s interior has a sticky sap/latex, it is typically a good idea to oil it, and some people even oil their hands. Slice it lengthwise, then hold it up and slide down until it can be pulled apart in half.

1.   Slice open jackfruit on a cutting board

A thick, firm stem/core goes through the center of the plant. I normally split it in half again, this time lengthwise. Then, to make the pieces more manageable, cut them in half along the middle.

2.   Cut off the core of the jackfruit

Cut off the core/stem by running your knife along with it. You should now have simpler access to the fruit pods you wish to consume.

3.  Pick out the fruit pod

The fruit pods should have a more orangish-yellow hue and surround a seed. That pod is what is consumed. By examining the pod, you will distinguish it from the stringy fibers (rags) that surround it and attach it to the stem and thick prickly skin.

how to tell if jackfruit is ripe

Conclusion on how to tell if jackfruit is ripe:

While jackfruit is not as well-known as other tropical fruits such as watermelon, mango, and pineapple, many people enjoy its unique flavor. Furthermore, the advantages of ripe jackfruit are real. This fruit is low in calories, but high in vitamins C and A.

Furthermore, it can possibly decrease high blood pressure due to its potassium-lowering properties. This article should have been informative and beneficial to you.

As a result, the next time you’re in a scenario where you need to verify if the jackfruit is ripe, you’ll know just what to do. Let us know if you know any other methods of identifying ripe jackfruit in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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