How to make dried orange slices?

If you enjoy storing, foods, you’ll want to try this method for dried orange slices. It’s quick and easy to make, and it’s a great way to utilize leftover oranges. Don’t worry, because you don’t require a dehydrator for this simple procedure; a low-temperature oven will work.

Dehydrated orange slices are used as decorations and garnishes. Envision tossing a handful into a pitcher of water and iced tea to add a citrus flavor. You can also garnish with a dried orange slice slipped over the side of a cocktail glass. You may use the dehydrated orange slices for a variety of decorations, usually garlands.

Dried oranges in oven:

To make the perfect dried oranges, start by preheating the oven to the proper temperature. For most oven, 200℉ is the lowest temperature setting, and is just fine for baking citrus wheels.

If the oven has a lower temperature setting, you can decrease it to 170℉ for even better results. By heating the oven to a low temperature and carefully dehydrating the orange slices for at least three to six hours, or more, you are effectively draining out all of the moisture.

1.   Prepare pan and wire rack:

Usually, the oranges will stick to the dish during dehydrating if you don’t use a wire rack on the base of the baking sheet. If neither of these choices is available, a small coating of oil on a pan will solve the problem. When drying fruit in the oven, I prefer not to use oil, therefore I use parchment paper if it’s accessible.

2.   Slice the oranges:

This is a must-do step for properly dried oranges. I suggest using a mandoline to ensure that the fruit is evenly cut. However, if you have excellent knife-cutting abilities, a razor-sharp knife would suffice.

3.   Bake the orange slices:

After the oranges have been sliced, arrange them on the parchment-lined tray. Space the pieces at least 12 inches apart. After that, bake the citrus for three to six hours. Remove the tray from the oven at the 2-hour mark and turn the oranges. 

4.   Watch the orange slices:

Because certain ovens run higher or cooler than others, be careful to take the orange wheels from the oven only when they are entirely dry and free of moisture. If not, they will no longer last as long as they should. It’s also worth remembering that the larger the orange, the longer it takes to dehydrate. On the other hand, make sure the oranges do not burn instead of drying.

5.   How to store dried oranges:

Keep the dried orange slices in a sealed jar with a tight-fitting cover. Although a plastic bag may work, I prefer to keep it in a glass container.

Your dried orange slices will survive a long time if you store them this way. If you’re not using the dried oranges for food or beverage recipes, they may last years, so it would be worth making the extra effort to keep them dry.

dried orange slices

Dried orange slices in dehydrator:

Only a few ingredients are required to prepare dried orange slices in a food dehydrator. The most important tool you’ll need is a food dehydrator.

If you planning on drying food daily, you should invest in a much pricier dehydrator that allows you to adjust the heat and has larger pans that allow you to dehydrate a huge quantity of veggies and fruits at once.

To dry the orange slices, you’ll need a dehydrator. Makes slicing the oranges considerably easier. The sharp knife can be used instead of a mandoline if you don’t have one.

1.   Slice oranges:

Using a mandoline, thinly slice oranges to anywhere between 18″ and 14″ in thickness. It’s important to remember that the thinner the slices are, the less time they will require to dehydrate. Place orange slices on the dehydrating trays, giving enough space for air to move.

2.   Dry the orange slices:

Preheat the dehydrator. After two hours, start monitoring the orange slices. Midway through the procedure, it can be useful to flip the orange slices to another side. This could take anywhere between three to seven hours for the slices to thoroughly dry, according to their thickness.

3.   How to store dried oranges:

Cool thoroughly before storing in mason jars. Only do this once the orange slices have been completely dried and absolutely no liquid remains.

Dried orange decorations:

To make natural holiday decorations, tie a piece of string all around dried orange slices and hang them as a garland or on a Christmas tree for decoration. This could look great on a wreath with a fall theme.

A jar can be filled with dehydrated oranges, which look stunning. They keep longer than fresher oranges, which must be consumed immediately.

Whenever added to a delicious warm drink, dehydrated oranges are perfect. For a more elegant presentation, cut one in halves and place it on the edge of the glass.

Conclusion on dried orange slices:

In this article, we explain two methods of dehydrating oranges. Both methods are simple and easy. If you have a dehydrator then it’s so simple process but if the dehydrator is not available then you also have the second option by using the oven.

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