The Eight Laws of Health

God has established eight laws of health: the eight laws of nutrition, exercise, water,
sunshine, temperance, rest, air, and faith in God. These are natural cures provided by God! Ellen
White contributed a lot to the writings on the NEW START program, which stands for nutrition,
exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, rest, air, and trust in God.

She started spreading the message that eating meat was unsafe and the cause of cancer as early as 1868! She also predicted that milk and dairy products will soon become unsafe in 1899. With all the scientific evidence
confirming her claims on the safety of meat consumption, dairy consumption, and the rest of
God’s Natural Remedies, science, and doctors are only now catching up to her.

Our health is governed by natural principles, just as our universe is governed by scientific laws.
You have the power to take charge of your health and extend your life by adopting specific
lifestyle decisions. Scientific research has shown that each of these eight straightforward health
laws improves health, longevity, and quality of life. 

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One’s daily eating choices have a significant impact on their health. To provide the body with the
nutrients and fiber it needs to function at its optimum, good nutrition is necessary. Plan your
meals to contain nutrient-rich, calorie-efficient items.

The first step is to have a satisfying meal in the morning. The significance of this lunch cannot be overstated. Pick things like unprocessed
grains, skin-on potatoes, nuts, and fruit. This will provide the energy needed for the activities of
the day. Store-bought processed foods should be avoided since they typically lack nutrients and
are heavy in calories. Consume a range of vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts.
Skip the animal protein.

Cut back on salt, sugar, and fat. Eat a hearty breakfast, a light lunch, and
a quick dinner. Don’t eat after midnight. Don’t eat in between meals; instead, wait five hours. Eat
at the scheduled times.

Be cautious while combining meals. Avoid combining items that digest
rapidly with others that take a while, such as fruit, and vegetables. If you can, steer clear of all
processed meals.

The majority of the vitamins and minerals are found in the portion that is often
eliminated. Eat as much of the fruit’s peel as you can with it.

Physical Activity

Exercise one of the eight laws of health

The human body is an amazing system that needs regular exercise. One of the most cructhings you can do to advance health is this.

Walking is regarded as the best kind of exercise. Swimming, cycling, gardening, and yard maintenance are other beneficial physical activities. If you haven’t been extremely active, start out cautiously with a program that is well-balanced and well-planned. This will prove to be a good investment in your long-term health.

A body that is not moving gets sluggish. Only 37% of Americans routinely exercise, yet more than 72% of
them are overweight.

Pure Water

Water assists the body in so many ways because it makes up the majority of it. It enhances the
effectiveness of your cognitive processes (thinking, concentration, and mental alertness). Water
also gives you more energy. It thoroughly purifies the body on all levels, both internally and

Drinking water is crucial for staying healthy. Your body needs more water the more
weight you have. Drinks can’t be purified like water can. Pure water should be used between
meals and ideally not at all.

Drinking during meals slows down digestion, dilutes gastric juice,
and lowers stomach acidity, which can allow bacteria that would typically be destroyed by strong
acids to pass through alive.

The body’s fluids, tissues, and cells become dehydrated when it is
dehydrated. It makes the blood thicker, which raises the risk of heart disease and stroke.
Dehydration can cause headaches, fatigue, and fainting spells that resemble hypoglycemia.


Sunlight has advantages while being the leading contributor to skin cancer. It can improve your
mood and guard against a number of diseases. The body creates vitamin D as a result of exposure
to sunshine, which lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Be careful not to overexpose yourself to the sun. The vitamins in food are released by sunshine. The immune system is strengthened by sunlight, which increases gamma globulin and increases the quantity and
efficiency of white blood cells that fight infection. Skin that has been lightly browned is
significantly more able to fend off diseases and bacteria. Controlled sun exposure is effective for
treating a variety of skin conditions.


A healthy lifestyle also includes living a balanced existence. Use moderation in all that is
positive and refrain from negative behaviors.

All parts of our lifestyle, including drugs, alcohol,
smoking, excessive eating, excessive work, excessive recreation, and too little or too much of
everything else, are considered to be in good taste. A life that is out of balance robs a person of a
full, healthy, and fulfilling existence.

Fresh Air

The free gift from god, air, is designed to electrify the entire system. (Ellen White) “Thousands
of people who may have survived have perished due to a lack of fresh water and air. They
require these benefits in order to become well.

They might live relatively well and happily rather than enduring a horrible existence if they became educated, left medicine alone, got used to
exercising outside, let the air circulate in their homes in both the summer and the winter, and
used soft water for drinking and bathing.” 56 of How to Live. (Ellen White).

Another one of God’s eight natural remedies is rest.


“I am aware that sleep is significantly more valuable before than after midnight for brain workers
based on the sporadic testimony provided to me.

Sleeping soundly for two hours before midnight is preferable to sleeping soundly for four hours later…(Ellen White)
“Allow enough time for you to sleep. By sleeping, people allow nature time to replenish and
repair the worn-out waste of their organs. (Ellen White)
The amount of sleep that is typically required varies depending on the situation. Seven to nine on
average. In general, one should only try to sleep when they are already tired. Children who are
growing need more sleep than adults do. (Ellen White)
“When one’s stomach is almost empty, they sleep the best. Food does, in fact, induce sleep
initially by preventing blood flow to the head, but it eventually causes sleep disruption.

Before going to bed, it is safe to drink water or even fruit as long as it doesn’t cause nocturnal bladder
activity. One can usually get by with six or seven hours of sleep if they go to bed empty-handed,
but if they go to bed right after a heavy meal, they often require eight to ten hours. Sleeping
outside is more relaxing than sleeping indoors, as has previously been mentioned.” 120–121 in
How to Live. (Ellen White)
Instead of sleeping when they’re tired, many people choose to remain up by drinking coffee.
They require the exact opposite of that. Ephedrine, coffee, and energy supplements cannot
replace sleep. One of God’s eight natural remedies is sleep.


The faith factor is a powerful part of a healthy life. Maybe this explains why Jesus said to those
He healed, “Your faith has made you whole.” Mark 5:34 (NKJV).

Consider how people have faith in doctors and drugs to heal them. Just think how much more powerful faith in God is to
one’s physical and spiritual well-being. “If you can believe, all things are possible to him who
believes” Mark 9:23 (NKJV).

Research has shown that spirituality helps to control stress,
strengthen the immune system, and protect against heart disease and cancer. Beyond these
benefits, God promises eternal life to those who trust Him.

The eternal life of perfect health and freedom from pain, fear, and death. Persevere in learning of Him and talking to Him; you will
come to experience His great unfailing love, His power and wisdom, the kindness, beauty, and
compassion of His character, and the joy of doing His will. You will learn to trust Him and know
that He loves you and will never harm you.


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