Sickness is a bodily affliction Jesus is not pleased with. When He came to save the world, He didn’t only die for sin but sicknesses and diseases were major enemies as well. That’s why you have the right to be healed! Below are,  Words Of Encouragement For A Sick Person!

Healing in Jesus

The prophetic revelation of Jesus’ assignment in Isaiah 53:5 says But he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds, we are healed.”

Do you see the tail part of this verse? It says “…and with his wounds we are healed”. Hallelujah!

Did Jesus die? Oh surely, He did! Then that translates to saying this verse has been fulfilled already. By His undisputed wounds, you have healed.

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words of encourage for someone sick with bible verse 

It Happened Already!

But here’s a more interesting rendition Peter gives in 1 Peter 2:24. He says,

“He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds, you have been healed.”

Do observe again the last sentence here. It’s somewhat different from what Isaiah said, I mean the tense structure. Here Peter by revelation says that “…you have been healed.”

This is powerful and something you have to hold on to if you must get what you want, which is healing in this case.

It’s mind-blowing really, the confidence with which this revelation comes. It says, “You have been healed!” my friend.

Imagine Jesus coming into the world with not only the intention of getting you saved from the clutches of sin but also thinking, “I have to make this sacrifice so this beloved can have healing for their body”.

Glory be to God! The price for that sickness has already been paid, and you’ve already been healed!

“But Wait A Minute. Something Doesn’t Add up!”

Yes, and I know what it is. I know what you’ve probably been thinking and what’s still going through your mind right now.

It sounds like this is some gibberish I’m reading right now. How can it be that I’m already healed but I’m sick at the same time? I mean that’s why I’m reading this, to get encouragement because I’m sick. This is a scam.

If you’re thinking this way, I understand and in fact, expect it. It shows you have a curious mind. And with God, guided curiosity gets you answers not death like the cat.

So, why are you still sick? That’s a question worthy of an answer my friend.

But before I answer this question, let’s tell a short story of the man who was given the authority to walk on water. Let’s call him the second man to walk on water.

Remember Peter? The disciple of Jesus was so close to Him and was probably present in every single place Jesus was?

Ok, what about him? This “water-walking” event can help us understand why some things don’t always go as God said.

One time, the bible records in Matthew 14:22-33, how Jesus walked on water. Jesus had let the disciples sail away when He went to the place of prayer to be alone with the Father.

After His prayers, He was energized and ready to do some more supernatural in this natural realm. So, He took the opportunity to catch up with His folks who had been sailing for some time now and were somewhere in the middle of the sea.

When they saw Jesus, they were afraid. “This is definitely a ghost”, they thought.

And that’s what led to the next part, which was Peter walking on water. Probably the most amazing miracle any other person experienced in the bible asides from Jesus.

So, everybody’s scared and clamoring for a hiding place. I mean, “Can’t let this ghost get me”, right? To make things worse, the sea wasn’t cooperating – it was boisterous out there.

So, Peter says, “You know what, I’ll ask this “ghost” who claims to be Jesus to let me come if it’s really my Jesus”. Well, I don’t know what or who gave him that sort of idea but then that’s not the subject today.

So, back to the story. Peter is given the opportunity to test this “ghost” if it’s really Jesus. And Jesus says, “Okay, Peter”, if walking on water is what you want, “Come”.

With that simple command, Peter gathers courage, sets foot on the water, and takes his first step. “Wow! It’s working!”, Peter would have thought. “Just with a word, I’m also walking on water!”, again he would have said. You’d be excited too, right? I think everyone would.

But then, something unprecedented occurred. Almost as soon as Peter began enjoying this new experience, he would lose it.

Matthew 14:30 says, “But when he saw the wind, he was afraid, and beginning to sink he cried out, ‘Lord, save me.’” 

Hmm… “when he saw the wind, he was afraid” and began to sink…

Let’s pull some lessons from this short story.

Firstly, that Jesus says a thing doesn’t always mean it’s going to happen that way. People must also cooperate with the spoken word in order to make it happen in their lives.

When Peter heard the word, “Come”, he started out. He was doing well until fear came around.

This is the first point, my friend, “Don’t be afraid!”

As much as Jesus has done all the work of salvation for you and even taken your sickness away, now’s the time to stand in faith and not sink like Peter.

The sinking experience happens to us when we begin to look around and pay more attention to the raging storms than the Master who says “Come”.

I want you to take your eyes off what you “think” is the cause of your sickness. The doctor might have given you some intelligent explanations, and rightly so. But I want you to focus on Jesus now.

Doctors are amazing people God has put there to help us know when we need to switch to something higher. A medical system is really helpful because, without it, I wouldn’t know when I need to receive healing from God.

It’s “Ask And You Will Receive!”

In this kingdom, the action of asking doesn’t violate the rules. As much as God knows what you need there’s a principle that says you need to voice out before you receive – your faith-filled words must be heard.

Jesus says in Matthew 7:7, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” 

And here’s the interesting thing, the part that gives us confidence. Did you observe Jesus didn’t just stop at saying, “Ask”? That’d be inconclusive and leave room for a lot of uncertainty.

But Jesus, all-powerful and loving instead says, “Ask, and it will be given to you…”

Oh! What hope and joy we have with an assurance of receiving when we ask!

Our God is so full of mercy and faithful. How He tells us the end from the beginning is breathtaking. So, Jesus is telling you that before you ask, and while you’re asking, there’s an assurance of receiving your answer.

You just need to ask for your healing and you have it!

Symptoms Are Satan’s Attempts

Now, I just wish you’d ask for that healing today because you’re going to receive it.

Here’s the thing. When you find symptoms of sicknesses and diseases parading your body, it doesn’t take the healing of Jesus away.

They’re just attempts of the devil to make you sink as Peter did. Remember, Jesus already spoke to Peter. And according to the eternal order of hierarchy, Jesus’ word was powerful enough to get the job done. However, the human factor of fear in Peter truncated that result.

Jesus has spoken and done all there is to be done concerning your healing, and what’s left is your reception.

Don’t think the devil will let you go free now that you claim to be a child of God. If he still tempts you with sin, hoping you sin, don’t you think he’ll also tempt you with sickness hoping you give in?

That’s what all this is – an attempt of the devil.

But you’re stronger and more than a conqueror. You have overcome and you take your healing and wholeness back right now!

best words of encouragement for someone sick

The Violent Take It By Force!

Jesus said in Matthew 11:12,

“From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.” 

Violence is spiritually legalized. As much as the devil is warring against your salvation, peace, finances, health, and every good thing God has put in your life, you must also oppose him in spiritual violence.

There’s a warfare upon you, and Paul says the weapons of this warfare are not carnal. This means the enemies in the warfare are not carnal (flesh and blood) as well. We may not see them with physical eyes but their manifestations surely give them away.

When we see failure in finances, family, health, the ministry, and good things God has given, we know these enemies are around and working overtime to do damage.

You must be dogged in your approach. You must be persistent in your fight for your health. Take it back by force because you’re the rightful owner!

The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus has given you life more abundantly. And that’s why we can boldly say God wants us to prosper in health and all things as our soul prospers because His intention for us is abundant life.

Yes! That’s what God wants for you. Don’t let the devil deceive you into thinking it’s okay with God that you’re sick. The devil is a liar!

Paul says in Ephesians 6:11, “Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.”

I encourage you to put on the whole armor of God and stand firm in claiming back your good health. Good health belongs to you and is within your reach. Take it now!

Think about it. If you don’t have good health, how will you serve God with all your strength, because that’s one of the things He requires of you. Present this as one of your “strong reasons” before Him.

Just like the Psalmist, confess and claim back your health before God. Say, I shall not die, but I shall live, and recount the deeds of the LORD. Psalm 118:17

I assure you, Jesus will hear you and restore your health.

And This Brings Us To The Next Lesson From Our Short Story Of Peter And The Water…

Another thing to learn from that event is the mercy of God. Do you realize that as soon as Peter observed he was sinking, he cried out for help and Jesus helped him?

That’s how patient and merciful the loving Jesus is. Even when He’s made every provision for us, and we fall short, He’s still there to restore us.

Don’t feel disappointed that you’re faithless and that’s the reason this sickness came. Don’t feel bad that you’ve been praying and it hasn’t gone away probably you’re faithless.

The bible says, The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” James 5:16B.

The fact you’ve been praying and it seems nothing is happening in the physical yet, is not a consequence of faithlessness.

The man Elijah, a symbol of faith and prayer, prayed continuously for three and half years that it should not rain and it didn’t. He also prayed hard for the rains to return and they did.

Have you been praying and it looks like a waste of time? Don’t give up!

Don’t give in to the devil’s suggestions. He wants you to doubt the word of God and live a faithless life but you must resist him.

You must resist every thought that speaks to what God hasn’t said. You must build faith by understanding God’s word because that’s how faith comes.

God’s desire is to have you healed, whole, and complete. God wants you to function at optimum capacity. God has not struck you with sickness, in case you’re thinking that way.

He says if we confess our sins, He’s faithful and just to forgive us our unrighteousness. So, no matter what or where you may be thinking this has sprung from, if you’ve asked the Lord for mercy, then it’s done.

You’re no more liable to suffer sickness. The blood of Jesus has cleansed and sanctified your body, spirit, and soul.

No attempt of hell can stand against your confession.

Speak the word of God over your health now. Jesus healed every form of sickness and affliction while on earth, revealing the will of the Father to us.

The will of God is to have us healed and walking in perfect health now and always.

This is the love of Christ and the mercy of God to you who believes in Him. You have been healed!

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