Are you looking for a special gift for your vegan friends this Christmas? Well, you’ve come to the right post! Check out 15 vegan Christmas gifts you can easily buy on Amazon.

Buying gifts for vegans can be a bit tricky sometimes and the last thing you want to do is get them something cheesy (pun intended).

There are so many things out there that you could get and Amazon is one of the best places to find them.

It’s that convenient store where you can find anything while being anywhere and easily shop without having to face the hassle, and long lines to check out of physical stores. During this time of year, things can get pretty ugly!

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14 Vegan Christmas Gifts on Amazon

Here are 15 great things you can gift to a vegan friend this Christmas 2022. These are such great selections you might even want to get a few for yourself.

1. Holiday Gift Basket with Pasta Sauce

This is a part of a plant-based line and is filled with staples. What’s included in the basket are Italian seasonings, organic chickpea and red lentil pasta, and two organic marina and Arrabbiata sauces.

The rustic wooden platter box cushions all the items on recycled paper. If your friend loves pasta this gift is very thoughtful.

2. Tribest Nut Milk Maker

Nut milk makers are quite common now, but still can pricey. If your vegan friend enjoys plant-based milk but doesn’t have a milk maker, you could be the answer to their Christmas wish.

The automatic milk maker is used to make hot or cold non-dairy beverages. It’ll evenly blend grains and nuts to produce creamy milk.

So, if you’ve noticed that they have been really into making their own shakes, lattes and creamers consider adding this to your Amazon cart before they run out of stock.

3. Men’s Beard Care Essentials Kit

Perhaps you can offer your vegan friend a beard care kit. This Amazon find is not only cost-effective but has all the essentials to help grow and maintain a healthy beard.

The aloe vera, camelina oil, and green tea all help to soften and tame even the thickest beards. A complimentary wooden comb is added to the package making it a sweet deal.

4. HIKI Anti-Sweat Talc-Free Powder

This HIKI Anti Sweat Powder is a vegan-friendly personal care product. It’s a talc-free translucent body powder that can be used anywhere. This powder is very gentle and can be used by everyone.

It’s a better-quality powder with benefits that are above average. Not only is it anti-sweat, but it’s also a great odor-fighting probiotic that absorbs moisture to keep you feeling fresh all day.

5. Fruit Soft Serve Dessert Maker

It’s highly likely that your vegan friend is a sorbet lover. This Fruit Soft Serve Maker would make a great buy to help them with whipping up sorbet, parfaits and pies. Cleaning it won’t be an issue as the parts can be detached and it is totally dishwasher safe. It can make from one serving to that for an entire family.

6. Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1

If you’ve realized that someone enjoys being in the kitchen and trying new vegan recipes then an instant pot would be an amazing gift.

It makes meal prepping so easy because it has so many kitchen functions. It can be used as a slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker, and warmer & sterilizer.

It’s stainless steel and has an app with over 800 recipes which is a major plus to the product feature. It has several safety features and is easily cleaned.

7. Large Bamboo Serving Board Set

While shopping for Christmas gifts on Amazon I saw this and thought immediately to add it to this list.

The bamboo charcuterie serving board has pull-out sections to the side and comes with 4 knives as well as 4 forks. There are also 2 sauce bowls.

It’s the ideal gift for Christmas, a housewarming, a bridal shower, or a birthday gift. This platter makes entertaining guests fun and easy.

8. Tofu Press

Vegans that enjoy adding tofu to their meals would do well with a tofu press. Tofu is that unmatched low-fat, gluten-free food that has no cholesterol.

What the press does is to squeeze the water out of the tofu to enhance flavor and texture. It’s quite simple to use and only has three parts.

9. Indoor Herb Garden Starter Kit

Many vegans have started to plant a few fruits, vegetables, and herbs for their personal use.

If your friend has expressed interest in starting a garden how about helping to encourage the idea with this indoor starter kit for gardeners?

The kit contains 4 packets of seeds for indoor plants, gardening shears, 4 burlaps grow bags, 4 potting soil disks, 4 bamboo plant markers, and a wood box that doubles as a planter. This way you can lower the number of trips you make to the nursery.

10. Vegetable Chopper

This one has been on the TikTok radar for a while. It’s a quick and improved way to cut vegetables without slicing your fingers and getting everything in a container without making a mess.

This has 4 interchangeable blades to cut, dice, or chop vegetables and seasonings. It is stainless steel so rust resistance is a good feature that many users love about it.

It is dishwasher safe and weighs around 2 pounds. I’m sure when offering this as a gift to someone, they would appreciate it.

11. Bamboo Cutting Board

This bamboo cutting board set is pretty useful. This is because you don’t need to use one board for all your cutting needs. This set has three pieces small, medium, and large.

It also has good side handles which make it a great substitute for a cheese board platter. It’s knife friendly so you won’t need to worry about cuts and scrapes in the kitchen.

It has a really good quality and is a lovely gift for a fellow vegan friend who loves to get their groove on the kitchen.

12. Bamboo Thermos with a Tea Infuser and Strainer

This bamboo thermos could really come in handy for keeping hot beverages at a high temperature for up to 12 hours.

If your friend seems to always be on the run early in the morning you could get them this thermos as a Christmas present.

It’s long-lasting and made from natural materials. You could even get one for yourself as a way of contributing to less plastic pollution in the environment.

13. Vegan Soy Wax Candle

This candle is excellent for aromatherapy. It has a sweet tobacco scent that is soothing when lit with a tinge of vanilla and cinnamon.

It’s all-natural and when the candle wax has been finished the jar can be reused as a pencil holder.

For your vegan friend who enjoys lighting candles, you could grab one or more of these and package them as a nice Christmas gift.

14. Vegan Cookbook

There are so many vegan cookbooks available on Amazon, including the Healthier Steps vegan gluten-free cookbook!

If you’ve noticed that a vegan friend or family has been spending more time in the kitchen gifting them a vegan cookbook with hundreds of recipes would be very thoughtful.

After all, having access to dozens of plant-based recipes is very fun for someone who enjoys trying new things.


When buying Christmas gifts the mere thought of getting someone something is just o exciting. You imagine the look on their face and they’ll be pleased after unraveling your gift.

Shopping for gifts for someone can be quite picky and tricky. A tip is to get them to talk about what they would want or observe the simple things they do to secure a hint on what to purchase.

All the gifts listed above are currently available on Amazon and a few also offer discounts currently so grab them while you can if they match the description of something your friend, family, or someone else would love.

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