Fruits are one of the many precious gifts of nature to satisfy our appetite. After all, who doesn’t like to have some fresh and juicy fruits filled with numerous vitamins and minerals? Of Course, everyone likes it because these are some of the richest sources of nutrition that keep you healthy and tingle your taste buds with their natural touch of yumminess. Now let’s dig deeper and know some details about fruits That Start With U.

Here in this article, we are gonna discuss some amazing fruits like “ugli” or “Usuma”. All these fruits are unique, and the amazing facts regarding them are gonna quench your thirst for knowledge regarding fruits.

You will be amazed to know that fruits are low-calorie and low-fat with tons of fiber in them that not only boost up your immune system but also keep your digestive process robust.\

Ububese Fruit:

Ububese is an African fruit mostly found in countries like Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, and Zimbabwe. This fruit is popular with different names like ‘dwarf custard apple’, ‘ground sop’ or ‘Muroro’. The scientific name of the Ububese fruit tree is  Annona stenophylla subsp. nana.
which is a small-sized subshrub that can grow up to 60 to 100 centimeters.


The shape of Ububese fruit is round or oval with a diameter of 1.7 to 3 centimeters and it can grow up to 4 centimeters long. These fruits are dark yellow or reddish with a network patterned on their outer surface. The pulp of the ripe Ububese fruit is not only nutritious but also sweet and delightful. These fruits have several flat, brown, and oval-shaped seeds in them that have a caruncle at one end.


The Native Africans eat this fruit’s pull it raw, or make juice out of it. The Ububese are also eaten, cooked, or preserved. However, Ububese is a rich source of fiber and you should at least try this out once in your life. 

Ugli Fruit

Jamaican ugli fruit

The Ugli fruit is also famous as ‘Jamaican tangelo’ or ‘Uniq fruit’. This is a hybrid fruit and was formed by crossbreeding between the Seville orange, the grapefruit, and the tangerine families. The scientific name of this fruit tree is Citrus reticulata × Paradisi.


Ugli fruits are mostly cultivated during the season from December to April. These fruits are mostly light green colored with wrinkled thick skin and gradually become orange when it’s fully ripe. Ugli fruits are a little larger than grapefruit, mostly with sizes ranging from 10 cm to 15 cm, and also available in other different colors like green, yellow, greenish-yellow based on the varieties.


The taste of the juicy pulp of the Ugli fruits is sour with a little sweet touch. It said that its soreness is more than orange but less than grapefruit. Most importantly Ugli fruit is a rich source of Vitamin-c, iron, and dietary fiber. These fruits also comprise compounds like polyphenol and flavonoids that aid to naturally defend against viral infections, allergies, and fungal infections. You can use the juice of Ugli fruit as a dressing for your favorite salad. Read More Here.

Ugni Fruit

Ugni fruits are mostly found in Latin American countries like Argentina, Chie, and Mexico. The medium-sized Ugni fruit trees’ scientific name is Ugni molinae, and it can grow up to 5 meters.


Ugni fruits are mostly purple or red colors with a diameter of nearly 1 to 1.5 centimeters.


Latin Americans don’t consume raw ugly fruit instead, first, they process it and finally prepare jams, jellies, dessert, or piquant drinks with these processed Ugni fruits.

Umbu Fruit

umbu fruit piled up

Umbu fruit is commonly found in northeastern Brazil. The scientific name of this fruit tree is Spondias tuberosa and it’s commonly known as Brazil plum. This round-shaped fruit has a hard outer skin with a light yellow color that turns red when it’s fully ripe.


You can eat this fruit raw or prepare a juice of it. Some people also like to make jam or preserve Umbu fruits like Indian Chutney. However, Umbus are available in different shapes like some are small like cherry and some are large like lemon. This fruit is a good source of fiber and vitamins, the famous beverage called umbuzada is also prepared with Umbu fruits.




Usuma Fruit

The scientific name of the usuma fruit tree is Bunchosia argentea, which is from the Andean region of South America. Usuma fruit is also famous as peanut butter fruit as it exactly tastes like that.


This is a small oval-shaped fruit, which has dark green skin and it turns red when fully ripe. Usuma fruit is widely used in different preparations like jam, milkshake, juice, and smoothie due to its flavourful unique taste. However, this fruit is rich in fiber content and you also can eat it fresh and raw.


Urava Fruit

The scientific name of the Urava fruit tree is Sonneratia alba and it is widely grown in the mangrove region.


Urava fruit is also popular as mangrove apple or perepat. This fruit looks like a cute little spherical hat. Urava fruit has thick outer skin with a deep green shade.


Srilankan people blend the pulp of Urava fruit with coconut milk to produce a yummy milkshake. Along with the fruits, the leaves of the Urava tree are also edible.



Usakhelauri is a type of grape, exclusively produced on the mountain slopes of a limited area of Lechkhumi in Western Georgia. The fun fact about the fruit is that the term “Usakhelauri” stands for nameless.

The Usakhelauri grape is mostly used in the preparation of naturally semi-sweet Georgian wine of exclusive quality.


Uva Rara Grape


Just like Usakhelauri, Uva rara is also a type of grape, which is widely grown in the northern region of Italy. In Italian Uva Rara means “rare grape” and these fruits are mid to late-ripening grape varieties.

Uva rara is mostly used in Italian red wine production. This is a great source of vitamins and these are also known as ‘Bonarda di Gattinara’ or ‘ Balsamina near.



Uva Tosca Grape

Uva Tosca grape is one of the widely cultivated grape varieties of Italy. These grapes are mostly used in wine production. Uva Tosca is a mid to late-ripening grape that is mostly grown in elevated highlands of the

Modena, Ravenna e Reggio nell’Emilia region of east-central Italy.


Most conceivably Uva Tosca grapes are produced due to a natural cross between the Alto-Adige wine grape Schiava Grossa and Crepallocchi, at least that’s what DNA analyses suggest. These grapes are also a rich source of vitamins.


Uvalino Grape

The Uvalino is an Italian late-ripening variety of grapes that are widely used in the production of Italian red wine. The term Uvalino means”small berries” and these fruits are exclusively cultivated in the Piedmont wine region of northwest Italy.

These grapes are also known by different unofficial names like ‘cunaiola’, ‘Freisone’ or ‘Pistolino’. Despite widely being used in wine production, Uvalino grapes are also popular due to their high levels of antioxidant properties and numerous health benefits.

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Here in this article, we have tried to compile some of the fruit’s names starting with “U” and their description. Indeed, there are also many fruit names starting with “U”, if you know about some of those, please comment below. We hope this article was helpful for you to enrich your knowledge regarding fruits.

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