We all love fruits! Fruits are untouched delicacies straight out of green earth, these fruits make us beautiful and help us fight various ailments. They are a tasty and healthy gift from nature that comes in a variety of flavors and types. Among all of them, have you ever wondered what fruits start with the alphabet ‘V’? Well! let us indulge in some fresh info today and figure out what all options we have when exploring the Fruits That Start With V

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Vaccarese Grape

Vaccarese grapes are one of the most famous grapes among the vines. The Vacaresse gives richness to red wines by making them attractive and gorgeous. The berries are also medium in size. The grapes are round; there are a few blemishes on the texture, but they never stray very far from their usual round shape.

Valencia Orange Fruit

Valencia oranges on tree

Valencia oranges are popular among orange juices for their sweetness and luscious flavor. It is a hybrid fruit created by an American agronomic, William Wolfskill, from delicious orange fruit with the scientific name Citrus x Sinensis ‘Valencia’, before his death in 1866, William Wolfskill sold his valencia orange hybrid patent to Irvine Ranch owner, and his firm went on to become highly successful with valencia orange juice as the most popular orange juice in the United States.


Valencia has fewer seeds, and in rare cases, no seeds at all. They are a great source for many vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C and vitamin D. Also it provides calcium, iron, and magnesia. These were some of the vitamins and minerals valencia oranges provide.

Valencia Pride Mango

Valencia Pride mangoes are a mid-season hybrid variety belonging to the Anacardiaceae family, with the scientific name Mangifera indica. The delicious fruits are part of an increasing group of mango cultivars created in Florida. They are known as relatively uncommon because they are only accessible for a few weeks during the summer through select producers.

Chefs love Valencia Pride mangoes when they are in season because of their sweet flavor and silky flesh. The tree is robust and wide-spreading, offering plenty of shade, making it a popular choice for home garden cultivation. Valencia Pride mangoes have a sweet flavor with floral and fruity overtones and are fragrant with a honeyed smell.

Van Dyke Mango

The Van Dyke mango variety features an oval form with a rounded base and a sharply pointed tip. They are small to medium-sized fruit that weighs around 280 grams on average. They have a bright yellow ground color with a strong shade of red blush and a large beak.

They have a solid texture that melts in the tongue effortlessly. Van Dyke is juicy and has low fiber content. The inside of the fruit is deep, spicy, and a lot sweeter, with an orange-yellow color. The meat has a strong, pleasant fragrance as well. The Van Dyke is a good-to-excellent-quality fruit.

Vanilla Fruit

Vanilla beans on white background

Vanilla fruit is the single edible fruit of the orchid family, which is the world’s biggest blooming plant family. Vanilla is the most expensive spice in the world, second only to saffron, due to the amount of effort required to obtain it. The Vanilla tree is scientifically known as Vanilla planifolia.

Fresh vanilla beans, often known as Beans, have no scent. The distinctive fragrance is the product of enzyme activity during the curing process.

Velvet Apple

Velvet apple on white background

Velvet apple fruit has a fine, velvety fur that is generally reddish-brown on the outside and a soft, creamy, pink center with a flavor and scent similar to fruit cream cheese on the inside. The scientific name for the velvet apple tree is Diospyros blancoi.

Velvet apples are now also available in other tropical nations such as Indonesia, India, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka under various names.

Velvet apple is also known as peach blossom, velvet persimmon, etc.


Velvet Tamarind

Stacked velvet tarmarind

Africa provides velvet tamarind fruits that are about the size of grapes. When they mature, they produce a thick, inedible shell that must be cracked-off. They are scientifically known as Dialium indum.

The puree can be eaten raw or made into a juice once shelled.


Vernaccia Grape

Vernaccia is a white wine grape that can be found in a variety of Italian wines, although it is best known for the Tuscan wine Vernaccia di San Gimignano. A very well-known type of Vernaccia is the white wine grape Vernaccia di San Gimignano, which yields crisp white wines with good acidity and citrus flavors. It’s often mixed with Trebbiano, although it’s also considered a stand-alone wine.


The wine has crisp, fresh, medium to full white fruit flavors of elegance and balance, as well as a beautiful, delicate aroma of citrus and almond blossoms, and finishes on a faint bitter almond note, depending on the grape’s degree of maturity at harvest.

Vespolina Grape

Vespolina is a red wine grape from Italy that is often blended with Nebbiolo and Croatian (Bonarda). It is used to soften fresh Nebbiolo-based wines and improve the aromatics of the mixture containing overtones of wildflowers, mushrooms, and green tea leaves. Only a few varietal Vespolina wines are produced as they are one of the rare varieties of grapes used for vines.

Vicar of Winkfield Pear


The origins of the Vicar of Winkfield Pear, an old cultivar, hails back to France. His forefathers originated in France. The cultivar was named for the first person to bring it to Britain, Rev Rham of Winkfield, Berkshire. The fruit is big and long and shaped like a calebasse. Skin that is smooth and varies in color from green to yellowish-green.

There are a few russet patches as well as a brownish flush to the skin. The core is pale yellow and dry in texture. It’s a bit bitter and flavorless in the autumn, It’s also a good dessert pear in the winter.


Victorian Plum

The most famous plum variety in the United Kingdom is the Victoria plum. Victoria was created during the Victorian era, although little is known about its history. It was first introduced in the 1840s and quickly gained popularity as a garden and commercial variety, a position it has held ever since.

Voa Vanga

Voa Vanga is an African blooming plant, it produces edible fruits. These orange-colored fruits are enormous. These are often eaten regularly and are great for digestion and weight reduction. It is also known as Spanish tamarind.

Volkamer Lemon

The Volkamer Lemon is described as a cross amongst lemons and bitter oranges, while other citrus experts believe it is a kind of mandarin lime. For almost three centuries, the Volkamer Lemon, which is acidic and bitter with a nice scent and flavor, has been recognized. The fruit resembles a scratchy Lemon or an Italian Monachello in appearance and flavor.  However, it may be used as a lower-acid Lemon substitute.

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We came across so many interesting and luscious new fruits that you must have missed out on in your day-to-day life. Who could have thought that we’ll explore so many fruits with the alphabet ‘V’?

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