This hearty Buckwheat Porridge is so delicious and creamy. A great start for your day, it is gluten-free, vegan and refined sugar free!

Buckwheat Porridge

Have you tried Buckwheat Porridge as yet? Well if you haven't as yet this is a delicious recipe to try. It is creamy when cook but holds up to its texture well and doesn't get mushy like cooked oatmeal. It has a slightly nutty flavor and the seeds are also referred to as groats.

Like quinoa, it is high in protein and fiber. low in calories and fats. It has no gluten whatsoever, so it is perfect for someone like myself who is on a gluten-free meal plan.

For more info on this super grain, check here.

Buckwheat Porridge

I know I have been sharing with you lately a lot of my breakfast recipes, like my Jamaican Cornmeal Porridge, Banana Split Oatmeal, and my Mexican Quinoa Breakfast Bowl. I'm not only so excited to share with you different breakfast ideas but I'm also excited because I finally got to do my first video, it's my Mango Salsa recipe. It was really fun to do and I can't wait to share more videos with you.

For the recipe, I cooked the buckwheat groats, with water and coconut milk. I purchased Bob's Red Mill buckwheat groats from my local health food store but it is also sold online along with other brands. You can use any non-dairy milk of your choice. It was easy to cook and only required the occasional stirring. I then sweetened it with maple syrup but you can use whatever sweetener you have on hand. I added vanilla and a little cardamom but you can add your favorite spices or none at all. To serve I divided the porridge into bowls and topped with my favorite fruits and nut butter.

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For: 4 servings
5 min
10 min
Ready in:
15 min


  1. Combine buckwheat groats, water, coconut milk and salt in a pot and bring to boil on medium-high heat.
  2. Reduce heat to simmer and cover to cook for 10 minutes until groats are tender, stir occasionally.
  3. Add maple syrup, vanilla, and spices. Stir well to combine. Remove from heat.
  4. Divide cereal into bowls evenly and top with you favorite fruits, nut butter etc.


Buckwheat Porridge

Buckwheat Porridge