The Amazing Health Benefits of Kale

Kale is a leafy green vegetable from the brassica family, a sulphur containing vegetable like broccoli, cabbage, and brussel sprouts. It’s very popular in Europe and the USA. It grows well in hot and cold climates and actually thrives in cold climates and tends to have a sweeter taste. It is truly a remarkable vegetable that is a superfood, which needs to be incorporated in more people’s diets.

Kale is excellent for those who are trying to lose weight; one cup of kale contains only 36 calories. It is fat free and high in fiber that helps your body to stay full longer and helps to keep your blood sugar lower. It also promotes regular bowel movements and prevents constipation.

Kale fights heart disease by removing plaque from the blood vessels and may also prevent stroke.

Kale contains antioxidants that are known to remove free radicals from the body. These antioxidants are also known to stop existing cancer cells from growing. A diet containing kale is highly beneficial against stomach, ovarian, breast, and colon cancer. Studies have shown that tumors shrank, in animals that ate a diet high in sulphur-containing vegetables.

Kale is high in vitamin A, carotenoids, lutein, and zeaxanthan, which are great for protecting the eyes from UV light and preventing cataracts.

One cup of raw kale contains 134% recommended daily serving of vitamin C.

It is known that vitamin C helps fight infections, oxidizes cholesterol, and is anti-inflammatory which is also beneficial in autoimmune diseases. It also repairs and strengthens collagen in the skin, giving a youthful glow;

It has a high dose of calcium, which strengthens bones and teeth;

It also has manganese, which is a trace mineral and a great fat burner because it metabolizes and uses energy from protein and carbs, also great for weight loss. It makes fatty acids, which are important for sex hormones and the nervous system.

Kale can be used in place spinach in many recipes such as green smoothies, raw kale chips, and raw kale salad. And it is easy to grow so why not include it in your garden?

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  1. Thanks, Michelle.
    I find the order you listed omega 3 benefits in interesting.
    beautiful skin,
    immune function and
    brain health.

    Beautiful skin has certainly been keeping good company (lol)

    Seriously though, the oversight in this very well thought out and comprehensive article of yours, just testifies to the general lack of awareness as to the critical importance of getting adequate omega 3 on a steady basis.
    People know it’s good for you, but, few understand why.

  2. I use kale quite often. I love to have it with pasta. I make simple but flavorful dishes with it. Try using it on roasted bread after having dressed it with olive oil,garlic and chili pepper. Healthy and remarkably goooooooooood.

  3. Thanks Jack for you valid question. 100 caloriess of kale does contain omega 3 -approximately 30% of daily recommended allowance. Research has shown that omega 3 is beneficial for heart, beautiful skin, immune function and brain health

  4. Vegetables are always the most important part of our daily meal and it helps to take care of out health. Amazing Health Benefits of Kale is also good for health. Specially for women such vegetables are important for the health.

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