White Pumpkin

White Pumpkins appear so white that one may confuse them with a white painted one. Let’s learn everything essential about White Pumpkin.

There is always a story or a feeling attached to certain things and terms or phrases. Similarly whenever we think of “Pumpkins”, the color that blows our mind is Orange. Right?

But we were wrong my buddy!

There are pumpkins that are not really orange!

White Pumpkins are although have mostly resemblance with the orange pumpkins. And they share each quality equally, just besides color.

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bunch of white pumpkins

What are the shape, size, and overall appearance of a white pumpkin?

The outer case of the white pumpkins is a hard-firm rind that goes from white to pale white, light orange tone of color. The rind shapes the white pumpkin in a round shape pressed from the top where the hanging stem stick is attached. The bottom is also somewhat pressed enabling it to stand without rolling out. Anyhow, one can say that the shape seems close to a globe


Overall the white pumpkins are more round than the orange ones. As the orange ones are bulky and broad from the center and the white pumpkins are broad but not that much comparatively.


The inner flesh is the only edible part in white pumpkin. The edible flesh goes from a range of white to yellow color. The third layer or part is the central cavity that is filled with seeds and pulp.

What does a white pumpkin taste like?

A white pumpkin can replace an orange one in your favorite dishes and you won’t be able to guess it either. And if you manage to guess it, then that’s only because of the color difference. It merges into cuisines either sweet or savory as a perfect alternative to Orange pumpkin.

Well, onto the taste buds now!

The white pumpkin is almost sweet textured just similar to the orange one. But not sweeter to the extent that you can not savor them.


Is white pumpkin an umbrella term?

White pumpkin has a variety of families undercover. The range also includes non-edible pumpkins. Many white pumpkins are sold under the names of Ghost Pumpkins, Snowball pumpkin, Cotton candy, Baby boo, Casper, and Lumina.

 Each has a different name because of some attribute or quality. Just like, Ghost Pumpkins are irregular in shape but have amazing taste out of all. And it’s kind of a challenge to cook a ghost pumpkin.

Baby boo pumpkins are good for seed as they do not grow large enough and provide lots of seeds that means 400 seeds per pound. You can roast or bake to snack it up.

The gourd is not the edible type. They are still a part of albinos but the non-edible ones.

If you love to eat pumpkin seeds and still want to keep them as a roasted canned snack. Then go for the snowball pumpkins as these provide tons of seeds per fruit.

Casper pumpkins are sugary fruits comparative to other types. These are good for baking and require less actual sugar usage.

The rest of the variety involves Crystal star, Lumina, Valenciano, Silver moon, Hooligan, and Polar bear.  See Types Of Pumpkins


How to grow & When to harvest a white pumpkin at your place?

White pumpkin requires a well-drain soil and a place that faces sunlight directly for must have’s. The compost soil can result in the best final product. Growing is easier than harvesting. But how?

You need to be careful with the ripening period of white pumpkins. Pluck it as soon as it ripens. Or your entire journey of waiting for the perfect fruit goes all in vain.

The ripen white pumpkin begins to decolor if not plucked timely.

You can do the melon test on the pumpkins too, to check whether the white pumpkin is good to eat or pluck or not.

How to eat or cook a White Pumpkin?

White pumpkins can be eaten after removing the rind. That white flesh inside is all edible. There are lots of ways to eat a pumpkin but my favorite is to make it a bit fancy first. So take a White pumpkin, cut in halves, and scoop out the inner flesh in balls shape now clean the whole hallow half and put back the little balls of white pumpkin. Pop in some tooth sticks and enjoy!

Besides eating raw, you can add the white pumpkin in your creamy soups or the salads range. They serve the perfect choice for baking a fully themed cake. The best part is that you can store it in form of puree in your refrigerator and enjoy it as long as you want.

Pumpkin Pie

The best thing to come out of pumpkins is pumpkin pie. You won’t believe it till you make it on your own. The essential ingredient is a pumpkin that has nothing to do with the color. Both colors work wonders for this purpose. And they taste the same by the way.

So just puree the white pumpkin and choose the best crusts that you use for pie-making. As i prefer the Graham cracker crust. Pour the puree on the frozen base. Now the best part is to carve the flowers out of the white pumpkin. Or any deco idea that comes to your mind after seeing a white pumpkin in front of you and putting it on the pie. Enjoy your favorite pie.

What are the nutritional benefits of the white pumpkin?

White pumpkins are as much beneficial as orange pumpkins. The white pumpkins are similar in nutritional advantages as it’s edible sub-varieties. It is a good source of iron, potassium, vitamin E, and fiber.

White pumpkins are one of the healthy fruits that taste delicious as well. See Pumpkin Nutrition.

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