Foods That Start With M

There are so many delicious foods that start with the letter “M”. We researched for you if you’ve been experiencing trouble remembering what foods begin with M. Don’t worry, the list below has all of the Foods That Start With M

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Macadamia Nut

macadamia nuts on white background


The most common use for these creamy Australian nuts is in sweets. They are calorie-dense and high in healthy fats. Other components such as cocoa, coconut, and even lime pair well with the mild and creamy flavors.






Macaroni is a pasta that combines well with soups and salads. It is a dry, small noodle in the shape of a slightly curved tube. With its Italian origins, macaroni is now most commonly associates with the iconic American meal mac and cheese.






Macaroons are a type of cookie made primarily of coconut. The beautiful French meringue sweet made with ground almonds refers as a macaroon. Almonds use to make macarons on occasion.







Maize is a cereal grain. It is a primary meal in South and Central America, use for animal feed and ethanol production in the rest of the world.




Malabar Chestnut


Malabar chestnuts grow a foot long and have a football-like shape. When ripe, they have rough skin that turns from forest green to a deep brown. Small tasty seeds are found inside the hard shell, which has a raw taste similar to peanuts but becomes sweeter and richer once cooked.




Malabar Gourd


Malabar gourds belong to the melon family and resemble a spotted watermelon. In Latin America, they’re very popular. They’re seen as squash-like veggies.




Malabar Spinach


Malabar spinach appears spinach and has deep green or purple stems, but it is a vine native to India and the lowlands of the tropics. Use in the same way as spinach, but it retains its freshness and does not get sticky.





mangetout pea pods bundled on white background


Sugar pea pods, also called mangetout, are greenish pea pods. They’re a lot flatter than regular pea pods. Eat without removing the peas from the pod. They could be made in a variety of ways. This melts the pods while leaving their flavor and crunch intact. True mangetout is planting pea pods harvested before they reach full development. But that’s not always what you will find in the supermarket.




Mango Chutney


Mango chutney is typically sweet, vinegary, or salty in flavor.  Serve with savory foods. Curries, veggies, and naan bread are the most common dishes. Mango chutney is said to have originated in a variety of Indian locations. However, it is an Indian dish.






Manicotti is a pasta that matches cannelloni. Ricotta cheese pack into manicotti tubes. They are, filled with other items. Manicotti, unlike most other forms of pasta, does not originate in Italy. Rather, it was developing in the United States.




Maple syrup


Maple syrup is a sweet liquid that provides sweetness to a variety of foods and sweets, including pancakes, ham, waffles, baked beans, or fruit salad. The sweet liquid of the sugar maple tree is extracted to make this sweetener.






The leaves of this leafy plant are delicate green and appear to be coated with silver-blue or grey, giving them a feather-like appearance. They have a woody aroma, and they are incredibly fragrant. Use to flavor baked products and drinks.






Marjoram is a popular spice used for garnishing for soups and salads. The spice, which belongs to the mint and oregano families, has a sweet, flowery flavor and a gently spicy aroma. Oregano, thyme, and basil are all suitable marjoram substitutes since they have a common underlying flavor. 





marmalade in glass jar on white background


Marmalade is a fruit preserve made by boiling the peels and juices of fruits with sugar and water. Bitter oranges, grapefruits, limes, lemons, sweet oranges, bergamots and mandarins are among the best-used fruits. 






This is divisive food. You may not have heard of this cuisine unless you are from the UK or know a lot about the UK. Marmite is a yeast-based spread. It is salty, and some people spread it on toast. Marmite is close to Vegemite, a popular Australian spice.






Millet is a grass-like cereal grain that comes from the grass family. Cultivate widely in Nigeria, India, and other African and Asian nations. It has a small, circular form with a mild sweetness and nuttiness to it. The grain has a fluffy look when cooked.




Miner’s Lettuce

miner's lettuce plant


Miner’s lettuce is North American lettuce that is also known as spring beauty. It has little leaves and long stems. Typically, the leaves are circular or heart-shaped. They have white blossoms and resemble beansprouts in appearance. It gets its name from the fact that it was quite popular among miners during the California Gold Rush. Miners ate the lettuce because it is high in vitamin C, which helps to protect from scurvy.






Mint is a fragrant herb known for its refreshing flavor and smell. It is common in Middle Eastern food and is used to flavor a variety of liquids and foods, from teas to sweets. Orange mint, apple mint, and chocolate mint are a few flavors.






Miso is a kind of spice paste made from fermented soybeans. Various sorts of miso are made by adding different ingredients, each with a little different flavor. Use as a soup foundation in Asian cuisine.





Cranberry muffins on cooling rack


Muffins are little baked goods that are made with butter, eggs, flour, and fruits or flavoring like chocolate, or blueberries. This classic breakfast dish is sweetened up with a quick sweet glaze or buttery syrup, as well as crushed nuts if you want it crispy. Muffins with ice cream are also fantastic.

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All the above foods start with the letter “M. These meals that begin with the letter M can help you expand your knowledge about foods. If you know any other food that starts with “M” let us know.

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