Mangosteen (garcina mangostana), an intriguing exotic fruit know as, 'the queen of fruits', that has a unique flavor, juicy sweet and slightly sour white pulp. This superfood fruit is a try!


Mangosteen Fruit

Purple mangosteen is a fruit that I have been curious to try to the longest time. My interest peaked after I tried the mangosteen juice and frozen mangosteen and loved them. I love exotic fruits like Loquat Fruit, Tuna Fruit, Bread Fruit, and Ackee.

Mangosteen is native to Southeast Asia, popular in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines,  India, and Indonesia. It is also grown in tropical regions of the world like Puerto Rico, Colombia and here in Florida.

Where To Buy Mangosteen

My daughter brought me 10 mangosteen fruits from the local Asian market and I was so happy when I saw these fresh purple mangosteen and couldn’t wait to taste them. I was really impressed by how delicious mangosteen tasted. 

Fresh mangosteen can also be purchased online as well, it can also be found freeze-dried, as a powdered supplement, and canned (note that canned version may contain added sugar).

Mangosteen Taste

Mangosteen fruit tasted so sweet, juicy with a hint of tartness and it reminds me of a sweet version of soursop.

Mangosteen fruit in a white bowl

Mangosteen Benefits

Mangosteen is very nutritious with lots of unique antioxidants and xanthones:

  1. The fruit of the purple mangosteen contains anti-oxidants and xanthones which are anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, antidiabetic and anti-carcinogenic. Read more.
  2. The leaves, the bark of the mangosteen tree is used medicinally. Read more
  3. The fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals, Vitamin A, B6, C, thiamine, zinc, folate, potassium, calcium, riboflavin, niacin. Read More.
  4. Aids digestion – The high fiber content of mangosteen pulp helps with digestion. Read more.
  5. Boosts heart health – the xanthone called alpha-mangostin in mangosteen are credited in reducing heart attack risk. Read more.

How To Eat Mangosteen?

  • Cut the outer purple rind of the mangosteen with a knife all the way around the center. Remove the top half of the inedible purple rind and discard to expose the white juicy flesh in the center. Note that the largest white segment contains the seed. East the flesh and discard the seed.

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