Vegan Chocolate Mousse

This vegan chocolate mousse is creamy, sweet, and decadent, with avocados and coconut cream added in place of dairy. Make this for a perfect sweet treat your family will love. It is so silky and thick, just like traditional chocolate pudding or mousse. Also check out my Avocado Mousse!


Originally published on February 19th, 2019.

Vegan carob mousse in a glass showing a scooped out portion of the mousse on a spoon.

What Is Carob?

Carob is a legume from the evergreen carob tree, it is also called locust bean, St. John’s bread,  The pods are dried and grounded into a powdered form that resembles a cocoa powder. 

Carob is normally sold in vacuum packed cans and found in health food stores. It should be kept in a cool dry place to prevent it from clumping. 

I originally made this vegan mousse with carob, but it can definitely be made with chocolate.

Carob Vs Chocolate

I’m not a huge fan of chocolate so my recipes will use carob instead, however, they can easily be used interchangeably. 

  • Simple put chocolate has caffeine and carob doesn’t, carob has a naturally sweet taste that will enhance your recipes and requires less sweetener. 
  • Carob has three times the amount of calcium than chocolate, making it great for strong bones and teeth. 
  • Carob contains less fat than chocolate. 

What Does Carob Taste Like?

Carob doesn’t taste exactly like chocolate, but it is very similar. It is a popular chocolate substitute among those who are on a caffeine-free diet. It looks like chocolate, with a similar texture, and acts similarly in recipes. 

Carob has its own unique taste, naturally sweet with a caramel flavor. It is milder in taste than chocolate. Try my other carob recipes, Vegan Tiramisu, Carob Brownies, Carob Muffins, Hot Carob Drink, and Carob Energy Bites.

Health Benefits Of Banana 

  • Bananas have many health benefits and can be consumed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Some of the nutrients contained in bananas are potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, magnesium, copper, fiber, and protein.
  • Eating bananas is also a good way to maintain blood sugar levels, aid with digestion, help to maintain heart health, assist with weight loss, and are easy to include in your diet.
  • Bananas are also very filling and will prevent you from feeling hungry for several hours. This will significantly assist those who are formulating weight loss plans. In addition, a medium banana contains only 102 calories.
  • Bananas also contain bioactive plant compounds such as dopamine and catechin. The dopamine which comes from bananas acts as an antioxidant and the catechin can assist with reducing the risk of heart disease.
Carob Mousse ingredients, jar of carob, avocado, coconut cream can, maple syrup jar on a wooden background

How To Pick An Avocado?

Having a ripe avocado is the most important part of any dish where avocado is the main event. Unripe avocados are technically ok but have a weird flavor, in my opinion. They are also watery when blended or mashed.

On the contrary, ripe avocados have a mellowly sweet flavor. They are also creamy and turn into a decadent mousse beautifully.

When choosing, pay attention to the appearance of the avocado fruit. Since avocados ripen very slowly, when buying an avocado that you do not plan to eat right away, choose the fruit that is hard and heavy, it will ripen at room temperature within two days.

The peel should be intact, clean, without any spots or cracks. The presence of dark spots is a clear sign of overripe avocados. A ripe avocado should have a slight give from pressing with a finger, but not feel like mush, i.e. be soft but not loose.

Coconut Cream vs. Coconut Milk

You have probably heard of coconut milk, but are you wondering if coconut cream is the same thing? Well, not quite. Coconut cream is made from the inner meat of mature coconuts. It is a delicious heavy cream substitute that is used traditionally in many cultures, especially in the Caribbean, Asia, and South America.

The difference between coconut milk and coconut cream is that in the recipe for coconut cream, much more coconut is used, relative to water. Typically, four parts of shredded coconut are simmered in one part of water. This results in a much thicker, richer, and more concentrated liquid, which can be used to add an intense coconut flavor to a dish.

Coconut cream has quite a high but healthy fat content, making it perfect for adding to spicy dishes to mellow the flavor and as a base for desserts. Coconut cream is also full of various minerals and vitamins, antioxidants, and even some fiber and protein.

Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe

  • Avocado
  • Banana
  • Coconut cream
  • Carob Powder or Cocoa Powder
  • Maple syrup
  • Vanilla

How To Make Vegan Mousse?

Making vegan mousse is incredibly easy with the use of a high-speed blender.

Peel the avocado and discard the pit. Place it in a food processor or high-speed blender, along with the banana, coconut cream, maple syrup, carob powder, vanilla, and sea salt.

Process the mixture until it is smooth. Spoon the mousse into two cups, and garnish them with coconut cream and carob chips. Serve immediately or keep refrigerated.

You can use a frozen banana, or chill the coconut cream and avocado, so that your vegan chocolate mousse will be ready to eat. The banana gives it a great flavor, and it is naturally sweet. 

After serving carob mousse in a glass jar, top with coconut whipped cream or granola, nuts or fruits. 


Carob Mousse in a glass jar topped with coconut cream sprinkled with carob chips. One scoop of mousse removed glass on a burlap napkin on a white marble background

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(Per portion)
  • Energy: 275 kcal / 1150 kJ
  • Fat: 10 g
  • Protein: 3 g
  • Carbs: 47 g

Cook Time

  • Preparation: 5 min
  • Ready in: 5 min
  • For: 2 Servings


Additional Recipe Ideas


  1. Peel the avocado and discard the pit. Place it in a food processor or high-speed blender, along with the banana, coconut cream, maple syrup, carob powder, vanilla, and sea salt.
  2. Process the mixture until it is smooth. Spoon the mousse into two cups, and garnish them with coconut cream and carob chips. Serve immediately or keep refrigerated.
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