You Have a Heritage of Possibilities

“What do you hope to achieve with the stress and pains you’re putting your body through?” That’s a question the weak part of you will never stop asking every single time you attempt to put yourself on some discipline that will birth a better you tomorrow. You Have a Heritage of Possibilities. Let’s explore them.

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Knowing that you are the best motivator for yourself is one thing. But here’s another truth: You are also the worst discouragement you can have. Everything is within your power. To win or to lose is with you.

Every great thing you put your mind to achieving is for you. You deserve it. You shouldn’t be a lesser person compared to the next person. We are all called into various things but we must never be mediocre wherever we have been called.

God expects great and mighty things from you. The world awaits your dimension of possibilities allotted to your reality. Here’s what God says about you,

I said, “You are gods, sons of the Most High, all of you. Psalm 82:6 ESV

Do you know what your Father, God Almighty does? He makes things possible. He created the heavens and the earth. Now, you may not be creating another heaven and earth but you have a great propensity to create new and amazing things in your life. The world is waiting to also enjoy those things because the whole world is one big chain reaction. Whatever I do with my life has a way of rippling into the lives of those around me whether it be good or evil.

Your life is a part of a great story that hasn’t been completed. Every man has a part to play in the bigger picture of God’s plan for the world. Look what God’s order was to you from the beginning,

“Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” Genesis 1:28 ESV

The first few words say Be fruitful and multiply. Fruitfulness is not limited to biological reproduction. It is also the command to be great and do new things.

Do you know God isn’t against technological advancements? He is not against positive inventions that make life better for people. Never! This is the output God desires to see from the humans He made in His image and likeness: a Creator God with creator children.

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Greatness Starts With Your Body

Now, this greatness doesn’t start from what you can invent or design. It begins with yourself. What do you have in your hands? What do you have within you? What are you made of?

When God made you, He gave you a body to inhabit so that relating with the earth realm would be possible. When you violate this arrangement, you lose relevance. With all due respect.

Our bodies are our tickets to doing what we want and getting where we want to be. If your body is challenged in whatever way, it hampers your overall productivity. This the reason why one of the realities of Jesus’ restoration is healing. God knows the harm a half-working body could cause. It could cause great danger to His agenda on earth. Now, if your body can limit God’s plan, then it can limit yours as well. So, both ways, your holistic health is essential to God’s agenda because your body belongs to Him. Your visions and aspirations are an inspiration from God.

You need to do great things and you owe it to yourself to get to that level of political influence in life, or to make that great medical invention, or create that new product. Whatever it may be, your healthy body must play a non-negotiable role in its realization. So, start with that. The first step to a great life is great health. They often say, “Health is wealth” and that’s only as true as it gets.

Your health is a fundamental piece of your existence. Overweight is a serious medical concern. It leads to other health issues that can put a wall between you and your dreams. So, this issue you want to deal with is worthwhile.

Now that you’ve decided to be your best and give your best starting from getting your body in shape, you need some good motivation. Most times, people need a hand to hold to take them the extra mile they couldn’t have reached on their own. Other times, you may have only yourself to encourage you.

You have to move mountains to see yourself where you want to be in a year, two years, ten years, or whatever time period you may have set for your achievement. Your dedication and commitment to the cause are what separates you from your testimony.

Dogged Commitment

Think about the patriarchs and all they went through on their journey to being what God called them to be. Shall we begin with Abraham who had to row against the tides of impotency until God’s promise of an heir was fulfilled?

Abraham knew what God had promised him and he was willing to put in the work. In this case, it was his faith in God that was the requirement. He believed in God so much. And moved by that faith,  he moved the mountain of barrenness with his wife.

He knew the promise God made, that he should be the father of countless descendants. He wouldn’t let it become water under the bridge. So, he kept at it until he saw the promise.

Are you resilient enough to make it through the uncertainties on your journey to weight loss? Remember, this may only be the first piece to achieving your full potential because when you have a working body, every other thing is easier to accomplish.

You must get in shape and do so quickly. It’s a matter of life and death. Oh, not that you may die physically, but there’s also a health challenge that poses. So, there’s that too. But I’m speaking about something greater: the death of a destiny the world should enjoy.

What do you think the world would have been like if Albert Einstein was sick and unable to reach his full potential because of his health? How long would mankind have needed to wait before discovering what he had discovered many years ago? Whether we like it or not, a delay in his manifestation would have put a delay in the development of mankind. Mankind suffers for every delayed destiny.

What you are today is not all that you can be. It’s not all that you should be. You owe it to yourself to be greater than everyone your bloodline ever knew. You owe it to yourself to be a new point of positive reference to the world around you.

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Going With God

Greatness doesn’t come easy. But with great zeal and commitment, everything is possible. In your mission to be great in whatever path you choose to walk, putting God first is the first thing. If you were looking for an unstoppable system that works every time, God would be it. This is what the Bible says,

For nothing will be impossible with God. Luke 1:37 ESV

So, if you want everything to work out for you, put God first. Get God involved in everything you do, even in things you may consider to be insignificant such as your weight loss mission.

If you want to be the best you can be, then you must be ready to dot all the “I”s and cross the “T”s. Doing this means besides all the systems you know to achieve weight loss, make God the first on the list. There will be difficult days but with God, nothing will be impossible. This is your best shot at being unstoppable. You owe it to yourself!

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