Adding veggies to the smoothie is one of the simplest ways of eating more vegetables. We are not just talking about a bunch of greens or a piece of kale here, though they’re both quite nutritious. Let’s take a look at some of the best vegetables for smoothies, besides leafy greens.

Blended vegetables are a terrific way to thicken, flavor, and pack a nutritional punch into any smoothie. Veggies provide a fresh dimension to smoothies, fruit combinations, and protein drinks, as well as some extra health benefits. You might just come across the next big smoothie craze.

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Here are some best veggies for smoothies:


zucchini isolated on white background

Vitamin A is abundant in zucchini. They are an excellent health booster, low-carb, and high in vitamins. They also have a moderate flavor that won’t overpower the other veggies and fruits in the smoothie. Zucchinis are the greatest veggies for smoothies, according to our research.

For zucchini, cinnamon, vanilla, and almond milk are all excellent flavor combos. You may also add flavor and sweetness to zucchini by blending it with bananas, berries, and apples or by blending it with kale and spinach to get extra super greens.


yellow squash growing on plant

Yellow squash blends easily, but firmer, cold-season squashes like butternut or acorn should be cooked and chilled for a couple of hours before preparing to prepare a smoothie.

These immune defenses, anti-inflammatory, diabetes-fighting vegetables are not only smooth and mellow, but they also provide a healthy dose of vitamins to the body.

Nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon from pumpkin pie will enliven any squash-based smoothies. For a taste boost, add raisins, carrots, or perhaps even tart fruits.

Yellow Squash Nutrition


whole and half avocado on wood surface

Avocado is a fruit; it is deserving of inclusion on this list because it is frequently associated with vegetables in the culinary world. Avocados give smoothies a rich, creamy texture.

They also add healthy fats to the smoothie, which help you absorb more of the fat-soluble elements found in the other components.

Fresh avocado flesh could be used in smoothies, however, frozen avocado blends well too. Frozen avocado cubes are sometimes available at the supermarket.

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beet cut in half on wood background

One of my favorite veggies to drink and eat is beets. A beautiful pink hue, earthy, somewhat sweet overtones, and loads of nutrients are all guaranteed when you use beet in your next smoothie.

Raw beets could be mixed in a smoothie. Alternatively, it is preferable to cook the beets ahead of time or use store-bought beets that have already been cooked.

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Beet Juice


wood bowl of peas and pea pods on wood

Green peas are a great frozen veggie to use in smoothies. They are not only for cooling an injury!

Green peas can be used directly from the freezer for smoothies, even though some people would prefer to softly boil them first to aid digestion.


bunch of carrots with tops on wood background

The delicious flavor of this perfect carrots smoothie is tempting. This orange vegetable is paired with apple, mango, and orange. Make your daily servings of fruits and vegetables more drinkable.

This one was a tremendous hit at our house, and we like how the orange’s zest complements the carrot’s sweetness. A carrot smoothie is the newest and most delicious way to consume carrots.

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white bowl of broccoli on white washed wood with green checked cloth and sprinkled broccoli florets

Smoothies are such a great way to enjoy a healthy vegetable. Broccoli may now be eaten in a variety of wonderful ways.

Smoothies with broccoli are delicious because it combines fruit, yogurt, and milk with the green florets. This smoothie can be largely made up of fruit like apples, pineapple, and bananas.

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bowl of spinach leaves in wooden bowl on wood

Spinach, which is high in iron, is a terrific way to add nutrition and greens to the smoothie. The light and refreshing flavoring blends well with other components without overpowering or concealing the final product.

It also decomposes quickly, allowing you to put a lot of other components into the glass. Apples, peaches, pears, berries, beets, carrots, and other sweet fruits pair well with spinach.

Again, for the thin texture of chopped spinach, bananas work well as a thickening, and yogurt and protein powders work well as lifters.

How to Freeze Spinach?


wooden box of lacinato kale leaves

This vegetable is popular, and it is also nutrient-dense. Kale in a smoothie can help lower cholesterol, and reduce inflammation. It is the best vitamin K source. Nevertheless, because it has a strong flavor, you may wish to blend it with a lot of fruit if you don’t like it.

Fruits like berries, apples, bananas, and almond milk go well with kale. Protein powder, yogurt and nut butter are also good thickeners, as kale will combine into a liquid consistency. Make a pineapple and carob smoothie with kale for a tropical delight.

Amazing Health Benefits of Kale

How to Freeze Kale?


celery stalk on gray background

Celery, another strong-flavored vegetable, can be mixed with almost anything, and you will probably definitely taste it. Its spicy juice, on the other hand, can be delightful.

In addition, eating celery burns calories than consuming it. Try combining celery with carrots and apple to even out the flavor. It goes great with pears, lemon, ginger, and even cucumber.

Is Celery Juice Good For You?


half of pumpkin isolated white background

Pumpkin, which is also slightly sweet, stands out as a veggie that you’d like to be the star of a smoothie instead of being overtaken by bright citrus flavors.

Plus, pumpkins puree can be used all year to savor fall tastes. Use pumpkin puree, plant milk, yogurt, pumpkin pie, and bananas, a milkshake-like breakfast smoothie.

Pumpkin Nutrition


cucumber isolated on white background

Cucumber may not be the most common smoothie ingredient. However, it gives the puree a fascinating, spa-like taste. This delightful ingredient is highly nutritious and watery, so it will enhance the flavor of your smoothie.

As a nutritious snack or breakfast, it is delightfully smooth and a wonderful way to fill up on nutrients. To create a tropical-flavored puree, people like to mix it with banana and pineapple.

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