Foods that start with Q:

We all enjoy trying new dishes, especially those that begin with the letter “Q”. There are a variety of foods that begin with this letter, and we wanted to highlight a few of them here. This list is not comprehensive, but it will give you an idea of several delicious dishes that you should try if you’ve not already. Here are some best foods that start with Q:

Qâlat daqqa

Qâlat daqqa is a spice blend originating from Tunisia. It is comprised of 5 spices, cinnamon, grains of paradise, nutmeg, cloves, and peppercorns. It is great to use for seasoning vegetables.


Quandong, also known as native peach, is a fruit native to Australia. They resemble cherries in appearance, since they are both red and of a comparable size. Quandong has a sizeable pit in the middle that is used for medicinal purposes by the Australian Aboriginal people. This fruit is traditionally cooked into sweet and sour Quandong pies.


The leaf and bark from the quassia tree is used for medical purposes. It is also sometimes used to flavor meals. This leaf is commonly used to cure digestive disorders and increase appetite. Although it is bitter, it is frequently used to balance the flavor of a range of drinks.

Quatre épices

As you may be able to tell from the name, this is traditionally a French spice mix. The eponymous four spices are usually pepper, cloves, nutmeg, and ginger. However, many variations exist, with a common one being cinnamon instead of ginger. This spice mix is used in French soups, stews, vegetable dishes, and more. It can also be found in Middle Eastern cooking.

Queen cake

Queen Cake is juicy, buttery, and just delightful. There are a few different theories regarding how this cake earned its name, but the majority of people believe that it was called after Queen Elizabeth II. When times were tough and they needed a lovely, delectable dessert with few ingredients, the cake was presented for her coronation. It is a quick and easy cake to make, plus it is lower in calories than most other cakes.


This traditional Mexican recipe has become a worldwide favorite. The quesadilla is made with a tortilla, cheese, and possibly additional fillings, and then toasted on a gas burner or griddle. Quesadillas have undergone many changes since its origins in the 16th century, so you can easily adjust the ingredients to accommodate your preferences. My favorite is this Veggie Quesadilla.


Queso is a spicy cheese dip. It goes great with nachos and is a great topping for a variety of other Mexican foods. It’s normally white, although it can also be yellow. It is a terrific dipping sauce for corn tortilla chips and a tasty snack if you’re looking for something spicy. You can prepare queso as spicy or mild as you like, which is one of the reasons it is such a versatile dish. Try this delicious Vegan Queso today!


The quiche is another popular dish that starts with the letter ‘Q.’ This French meal is not for everyone; in fact, you either love or detest it, but there is no disputing its versatility. A quiche is made with a small pastry crust that is filled with savory custard. Most quiches contain cheese, eggs, as well as various chopped filling ingredients. Quiche is adaptable for vegans, commonly made with tofu and vegan cheese.

Pictured above is my favorite Easy Vegan Quiche.

Quick bread      

banana bread quick bread         

Any sort of bread baked with baking powder and or baking soda is known as a quick bread. Most traditional bread is made with yeast; however quick bread is made with a significantly speedier method using baking powder. As a result, the bread rises faster and is ready sooner.

See some of our reader’s favorites:  Healthy Cranberry Bread, Vegan Strawberry Banana Bread, Vegan Gluten-Free Banana Bread, Vegan Gluten-Free Cornbread.


Quince is a sort of fruit that is brilliant yellow in color and comes in a variety of shapes. As a result, it might be difficult to identify what a quince looks like, because it can be formed like a bell pepper at times and lemon at other times. Quince is one of several fruits that can’t eat fresh. It is full of pectin, a natural fiber that turns into a gel-like consistency. This is why quince is so popular in sweets such as pies, tarts, and others.


Quindim, a sort of coconut flan, is a famous Brazilian dessert. It is a coconut-flavored baked dish with a pudding consistency. It is nearly always bright yellow, with coconut flakes or icing sugar sprinkled on top.


cinchona bar in a wooden bowl on a wooden background

Quinine is a naturally occurring substance that can be found in a variety of plants and belongs to the alkaloids drug class. It is a white, bitter, odorless, crystalline, and bitter powder that is usually produced from the wood of the cinchona tree. Quinine water is a drink prepared with quinine, water, lemon juice, and sugar. It used to treat malaria fever and a variety of other illnesses.


Quinoa is a seed that you’ve probably heard of before, especially if you’re trying to eat more healthily. Despite quinoa being a seed, it is often prepared and served as a grain, similar to rice. It is organically gluten-free and full of protein, making it a favorite choice among athletes. It is light, nutty, and quite adaptable. Quinoa will be a delicious addition to the plate whether served hot or cold. Try making Instant Pot Quinoa!

Conclusion to foods that start with Q:

If you are searching for foods that begin with the letter Q, then hopefully this information is useful for you. These meals will provide you with some ideas and help you find the best snacks or meals that start with “Q”.

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