How To Eat A Mango

How To Eat A Mango

I’m going to share with you these easy ways how to eat a mango. I grew up in Jamaica with mango trees in my yard, they were huge, and juicy when ripe. My favorite fruit is mango, yes I can never get tired of mangoes. That’s one of the many reasons I love living in Florida. I get to eat an abundance of mangoes all summer long, not to mention the different varieties. 

If mangoes were the only fruit I had to eat, I would never get bored. Check out Mango Salsa, Mango Chia Pudding

Honestly, the easiest way for me to eat them was to nick the skin at the base of the mango and just suck on the sweet juicy flesh. I still do that at times! However, this method can be quite messy leaving sticky mango juice trickling down the sides of your hands. 

Today, I’m going to share with you some easy ways to cut mango that are far easier to handle and eat.

Mangoes aren’t only delicious but they have many nutritional benefits, you can get a large supply of vitamins and amino acids, which will increase immunity and make you healthier and more beautiful. Read More Health Benefits Of Mangoes.

Mango on a cutting board on a beige marble background

Mango How To Cut

There are many ways to serve raw mangoes properly. The whole taste is concentrated in the juice; the larger the pieces, the tastier the juicy ripe pulp. To handle mango better when eating, it is best to peel your mango, then slice it into pieces to prevent all the mess. Mango fruit is eaten peeled, cut into pieces, or wedges. 

Method 1.

Select mangoes that a fully ripened. Wash and cut the mango vertically along the seed using a sharp knife. You want to cut as close to the seed as possible.
cutting mango on cutting board

Slice off the mango on the other side as well. You can peel off the skin on the seed and eat slice of the flesh to eat. Mango cutting at the sides

Taking one-half of the mango, slide down the mango slices down the rim of a glass, right between the peel and the flesh of the mango.

cutting mango with glass trick

You can also cut the slice of mango into cubes with a pairing knife, before sliding it down the glass. The mango skin will be on the outside of the glass and the flesh inside.

mango cutting with glass

2.  Peeler and knife

Use a vegetable peeler to cut the skin off. Slice the fruit lengthwise on both sides of the mango with your knife as close to the seed as possible,

Cut the mango flesh into thin slices with a sharp knife. This method is suitable for serving fruit in salads. 

mango peeled and cut into thin strips

3.  With a knife

Use a knife to cut the peel in a circle around half of the mango, holding the fruit in one hand and turning it around its axis. This will detach the other half of the mango from the seed.  Be sure to place a plate on the table for the delicious juice to drain. Make sure your mango is fully ripened.

mango cut in half in a circle

4. Cut Mango In The Skin

Using a sharp knife cut the mango vertically into lines about 1/2 inch apart. Then cut the lines horizontally about 1/2 inch lines. Then turn it inside out and eat by biting off pieces or cutting them off with a knife.

cutting mango to on a beige background

What To Eat With Mango?

You can peel and eat the mango as a separate dessert. And if you want to surprise everyone with culinary skills, make the fruit a highlight of the festive or everyday table.

In India, Vietnam, and Thailand, ripe fruits are added to many dishes. Popular street food is mango chunks and lemon juice. The juicy fruit is the ripe stage, but not yet overripe, is combined with many products familiar to us:

Can Dogs Eat Mangos

Yes, they can eat mangoes, however, peel and discard the mango skin, and the seed because they are both potentially deadly for your furry friend. The mango seeds contain cyanide and also are a choking hazard.  Dogs digestive system is very sensitive, the skin can also be a choking hazard.

Karli And Devannah
Devannah with her puppy Kali

Allergic Reactions

Some people can have an allergy to mango even though it is very rare. A rash usually develops when one gets in contact with the peel, therefore it is important that you peel the mango but some mango allergies are so severe it is best to avoid eating mangoes altogether.

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Let’s Sum Up

When choosing mango, try to give preference to soft fruits without visible skin damage. If the fruit has dark dents, this is the first sign that it has begun to deteriorate. Therefore, refuse such a purchase. Depending on the variety, mango can be green, yellow-green, or red in the form of an oval or drop. The latter has a more pronounced sweet taste.

So follow our instructions and enjoy this incredibly delicious fruit!

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