Foods That Start With H

Foods that start with H:

It can be tough to think about various dishes that begin with the letter H. We’ve compiled a list of foods that start with H to help you learn more about the many foods available around the world. Some you may be familiar with, while others may be unfamiliar. Enjoy adding some of these foods to your meals!

Habanero pepper:

This is one of the spiciest peppers available. It is usually green when unripe, but turn red or yellow as it grows, with purple and white variations appearing sometimes. These peppers are not only spicy, but also quite tasty. Use it to make hot sauces and seasonings.


Halva, or halwa, is a tasty treat that may be enjoyed in many places of the world, primarily in Asia and the Middle East, and is a child’s favorite dish. There are two main types to choose from flour-based and nut-based. When made with flour, it is more gelatinous and smooth, but halva made with nuts is crumblier.


Hamburgers are among the most common food in the US because they taste delicious, are simple to prepare, and are affordable. A hamburger is traditionally made with a round piece of ground beef after grilling with bun or roll and fill with a variety of ingredients. I make mine with beans, tofu, grains, and many other ingredients.

Black Bean Burger

Vegan Tofu Burger

Black Bean Quinoa Burger

Chickpea Burger

Haricot beans:

Haricot beans are some the most popular beans on the planet. Phaseolus vulgaris is the scientific name for the bean family from which we receive both dry and fresh green beans. It’s usually referring to Boston beans, or the other white or cream dry bean with a smooth, creamy texture that’s ideal for baking.


Harissa is a hot chili paste from Tunisia and uses in a range of recipes. It prepares with red peppers after roasting, Serrano peppers, olive oil, and a range of spices like cumin and coriander. Use Harissa as a seasoning ingredient in sauces and stews when it comes to cooking.


Hijiki has a savoury, mushroom-like flavor that was more earthy than salty, with a loamy freshness to it, and has a milder brininess than other seaweeds. It’s green or brown and can easily be found on the coastline of Japan, Korea, and China. It’s a staple in quite a few dishes.

Hog Plum:

There have been a few nutritious plants known as hog plums, but perhaps the most popular is a tropical tree known as yellow mombin that blooms in America. Though the trees are close to poison ivy and the fluid from the tree can induce a similar experience, the fruits and leaves are nutritious. The fruits are tiny ovals with leathery skin. The flesh is a toxic and strong taste. It used to make sweet desserts or jam.


Hominy is corn that has gone through a process to make it puffier and softer. This corn is common in Mexican cooking, where it is commonly ground into a flour called masa harina. It is used in many Latin-American and Caribbean cuisines to make sweet and savory porridge-like dishes.

Hot chocolate:

To prepare a hot chocolate, simply combine melted chocolate/carob chips or cocoa/carob powder with hot milk and stir well. The basic recipe can be tweaked with a variety of extra ingredients, such as cocoa powder, sugar, vegan marshmallows, and creamy topping to make it appear more appealing. 

Hot Carob Drink

Hot dog:

A hot dog is traditionally a thick meat sausage that is famous among both kids and adults. They are sold refrigerated, then are reheated at home by steaming, grilling, or boiling. Hot dogs are served in a bun that has been partly cut. There are many vegan hot dogs available commercial, on top of homemade recipes made from a variety of ingredients.

Carrot Dogs

Hubbard squash:

Hubbard squashes have thick, rough skin that can be orange, blue-green and white in coloring. Several people assume they are just ornamental because of their looks, but if they properly prepare them, they can be a highly nutritious and cost-effective dinner. It is preferable to cook them with the skin on. Once they are cooked and soft, you can skin the squash. They have a solid, dry body that works well in quiet meals like soup, stews, and casseroles. Use as a pie filling in the oven.

Hummingbird cake:

This is a rich, cinnamon-scented layer cake, packed with tropical fruit flavors. A cream cheese icing and chopped nuts top this opulent, aromatic cake. Dry fruits, coconut, and even shredded carrots are among the different aspects. Southern Living made the most popular variation of this dessert, but I have made mine vegan and gluten-free!

Vegan Hummingbird Cake


Hummus is a famous traditional Mediterranean spread. It is made from chickpeas mixed with oil, tahini, and a range of other seasonings. Hummus is used as a spread or dip for pita, crackers, crudités, or any other snack food. Because of its ingredients, it is a very nutritious component of any meal.

Homemade Hummus

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus


These are delicious little round deep-fried dumplings that are served as appetizers. Hushpuppies are made with corn batter and seasonings.                             

Husk tomato:

Husk tomatoes, more commonly known as tomatillos, are a sort of berry that can be seen in Asia and Europe. The papery, orange-red rectangular husks surround the little crimson fruits. The skin of husk tomatoes is shining, and the flesh is seedy and excellent. This tropical fruit has flavors of vanilla and pineapple. Eat raw or cook in a variety of sweet and savory ways.

Conclusion on foods that start with H:

I hope the list included some of your favorite food starting with the letter “H”. All of these foods are delicious and many people like these foods. Please tell me what’s your favorite meal that begins with the letter H is in the comments section below!

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