15 Ideas for a Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dish

Ideas for a Vegan Thanksgiving Main Dish

Thanksgiving is known for its amazing food. You have all your options for sides; now you need some ideas for a vegan Thanksgiving main dish.

There are quite a few options for you to pick from, including the traditional ones, innovations on tradition, and some new inventive meal options. Pick one, or a few, and know that your family will love them all!

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Tofu Turkey

Tofu turkey with green bean casserol on a white plate on a white background

This is the best Vegan and Gluten-Free Tofu Turkey! It is so flavorful, tofu is seasoned with herbs and spices, stuffed with cornbread stuffing, marinated, and baked to perfection.

Vegan Meatballs with Cranberry Sauce

Close up vegan meatball in cranberry sauce on a gray plate with toothpicks in the meatballs

These vegan meatballs with cranberry sauce, served with a tangy sweet and sour cranberry sauce have the perfect texture for the festive season! It is an easy and delightful meatless appetizer.

Smothered Vegan Fried Chicken

Tofu smothered with gravy in a saucepan

This Smothered Vegan Fried Chicken (Tofu) is my latest creation that has me coming back for more. It is the ultimate Southern comfort dish, made with crispy seasoned tofu cubes, lightly fried or baked, then smothered in a flavorful homemade gravy.

Pan Fried Tofu with Cranberry Sauce

Tofu with cranberry sauce in a saucepan

This festive pan-fried tofu with cranberry sauce is easy to prepare and oh-so-delicious. It’s a sweet and tangy flavor explosion!

Lentil Meatballs

Lentil meatballs in a saucepan

These flavorful Lentil Meatballs (Vegan, Gluten-Free) are smothered in a creamy cashew gravy and will surely be a big hit at your dinner table, especially during the holidays!

Vegan Meatloaf

Lentil meatloaf on a cutting board on a grey background

This Vegan Lentil Loaf is simply amazing! This is the perfect main dish for your holiday menu; it is hearty, flavorful and topped with a delicious homemade ketchup glaze!

Chickpea Shepherd’s Pie

Chickpea Shepherd's Pie in a white casserole pan

A flavorful twist on traditional Shepherds Pie that is full of flavor, this Chickpea Shepherd’s Pie tastes so hearty and comforting, savory chickpeas, topping with creamy mashed potatoes are the perfect treat!

Vegan Brown Stew Chicken

Brown stew tofu chicken on a white plate

Vegan brown stew chicken is a vegan take on a delicious Jamaican dish. It is flavorful with a deep color and an umami flavor that leaves you in awe.

Cabbage Dumplings in Gravy

cabbage dumplings in gravy in a saucepan on a white background

Make these crispy, vegan, gluten-free, and tasty Cabbage dumplings. A hearty and filling dinner with flavorful and spicy coconut milk gravy. 

Broccoli Cheese Casserole

Cheesey broccoli in a white casserole pan

A healthy Gluten-Free Vegan Broccoli Cheese Casserole that is so creamy, cheesy, and flavorful without the guilt. I have been excited about preparing yummy oil-free recipes as I turn a new chapter in my life. I’m almost 50 and I’m getting more serious about my health lately. This casserole is no exception!

Jerk Tofu

Jerk Tofu in a casserole pan

This flavorful Jerk Tofu recipe is so easy to prepare. Made with seasoned baked tofu, smothered with the bold flavors of my jerk sauce recipe, you will love this amazing taste of the tropics.

Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

Lentil shepherd's pie in a glass casserole dish

I love this seriously flavorful Vegan Shepherd’s Pie, made with seasoned lentils, cooked with carrot and peas in a delicious sauce, and topped with creamy and fluffy garlic mashed potatoes. It’s perfect for Thanksgiving or a weeknight dinner!

Whole Roasted Cauliflower

Whole roasted cauliflower in a white casserole pan

This easy eye-catching Whole Roasted Cauliflower is full of all the flavors of traditional Thanksgiving roast Turkey minus the meat.  Seasoned whole roast cauliflower with herby potatoes and carrots smothered with indulgent gravy is the perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving or Christmas feast. 

Tofu Steaks with Chimichurri Sauce

Tofu on a black plate on a white background

These flavorful Tofu Steaks With Avocado Chimichurri are so satisfying. Slabs of marinated tofu baked and topped with piquant and creamy avocado chimichurri.

Curry Tofu with Cauliflower

Tofu curry With Cauliflower

This Curry Tofu With Cauliflower recipe is ridiculously flavorful, made with Jamaican flavors, of scallion, thyme, allspice, and a blend of Caribbean curry powders.

What Is The Main Dishes For Thanksgiving?

Turkey is traditionally the main dish for Thanksgiving but nowadays many people are serving other alternative main dishes. As vegans, we get to enjoy Tofu Turkey, Lentil Meatballs, and many other alternatives.

What 3 Foods Were Eaten At The First Thanksgiving?

Only 2 documents survived in reference to the first Thanksgiving meal. They shared about eating a large meal consisting of fresh deer meat, cod, and bass, wildfowl, corn for their corn pudding, and porridge.

As the leaves turn amber and the scent of autumn fills the air, Thanksgiving approaches with its promise of heartwarming gatherings and, of course, the feast that is as traditional as the holiday itself. But what if your celebration is plant-based? Fear not! Your table can still be the centerpiece of comfort and joy without the turkey. This blog post is dedicated to those seeking inspiration for a vegan Thanksgiving main dish that will impress not only the vegans among us but also the traditionalists at heart.


Gone are the days when vegan options were limited to sides or salads. Today, the culinary world is abundant with a smorgasbord of vegan delights that can hold their own as the star of the Thanksgiving table. From revamped classics to bold, innovative creations, this post is a treasure trove of choices. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan chef or trying out a meatless menu for the first time, these main dish ideas are sure to tantalize the taste buds and ensure that everyone, regardless of their dietary preferences, leaves the table in festive spirits. So, roll up your sleeves, and let’s delve into the delicious world of vegan Thanksgiving wonders that await!

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